Want to be happy (successful, wealthy...)?


From a well known publisher, I regularly receive a newsletter with new books.

Every week I see sonorous titles and bright covers: "10 ways to solve....", "Every day, like on vacation....", "Live now..." and various other, motivating, encouraging and promising success, happiness and wealth.

You read these books?

I read a lot of them, not to say very much, but with a dozen typed.

I was neither better nor happier after reading them, not to mention the motivation and changes. Although the reading is interesting and not useless.

And you were different? You've changed by reading "11 days and you're the best!"?

I very much and sincerely would be glad if they helped you!

And don't be surprised if you tell me that nothing has changed or something has changed, but only slightly.

They don't work, because someone else's idea difficult to accept as your own, because my experience or your experience differs from the author. It is possible to agree with the author, the proposals, conclusions, inferences can really like even find an echo in our soul and inspire us.
the recipes are useless, your way we're going to his shoes other we don't fit, and go all the way in another's shoes, as suggested by the common phrase, will not work.

Then it turns out that motivational quotes from the books do not need? Yes?

I'm sure I needed, and not only authors who have become famous, thanks to these books and received royalties.

These books need support at some stage of our lives.

When I rasterize when I'm confused, not online, as psychologists say, I discover something about fate control and read to switch.
And do switch, and then realize that I have enough resources, experience, knowledge and skills to... to appreciate myself for what I am, because I exist and because I have my own way, no less successful than the author of the next bestseller. I think bragging about? Not at all.
I think that you have enough resources, or they are not used or are used inefficiently.
Without these bright, candy, books, life would be boring. Do you agree?

Lydia Shumyna
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