Want to be ready, be ready!


I want to talk about how to prepare for a consultation with a specialist to whom you have decided to seek help on your issue. To the person who can help:

- establishing and developing effective relationships

- to achieve success in career or business,

- the development of self-confidence

- the development of personal effectiveness, etc..

why do you need it?

In the interests of the client come to the consultation prepared, that the advice from the very first meeting was the most effective. It so happens that the client comes for the first time and in order to warm up the customer for productive work, to understand what the problem is, what you want, overcome the resistance to changes, of specialist take 2-3 meetings, and even more.

And so, ahead think about it!

A) You need to understand that you are not satisfied with your life now that you want to change.

the Essence of this understanding is that you are already at the first consultation was to outline the expert, to clarify where you are now and what worries you.

Example: "I have long time work on the job, from which I "turn up", 8 hours / day, 5 days a week. I'm in no mood, I come home irritable, there is no gap in your life, drink a lot of beer. I do not like it, to spoil relations with his wife, we spends little time together, it comes to divorce. And planned to have children, which can be now children. I'm sick of it!"

Being prepared in advance, you will give the material with which he had to work.

B) Come to understanding what result you want to obtain from consultation.

it is Important that you clearly saw that you want to get from working with a specialist. Since the technician can start work not on what is really important to you and go in the other direction. It happens rarely, but it happens!

You probably noticed that in the example above, you can begin to move in at least three directions, namely to work:

  • Over your internal state
  • relationships
  • On the issue of work

All three options can eventually give a positive result. However, the result will be achieved faster and the work will be more effective if you at the first meeting tell us what you want. Otherwise, you can lose time and extra money, as they are known so is not present.

Example: "I want to find another job. Want to talk to the wife about what I want to change job, want her to understand and support me in this decision. Still need to tell parents, they are generally conservative and can badly perceive it to be. In the end I want to be happy. I want to confidently tell the boss that I'm leaving."

Write to yourself on paper what result you want to achieve. At the meeting the consultant this information will help you understand where to go with your request.

) Work on understanding what difficulties were experienced due to the fact that you are not satisfied, what is stopping the changes to come.

it is Important to understand why you still have not changed the situation, why has brought the situation to when already impossible to tolerate. That you are personally holding or holding to stay in this situation.

Here it is necessary to understand that for some part of the circumstances of your Affairs in General responsible is you. You can spend a lot of time, while a specialist will lead you to understanding what your responsibility for where you are today.

Talk in the first person.

Example: "I Have doubts about being able to find a job with the same earnings. I am not sure what I want to do to be happy. I doubt that I will understand native. Afraid to leave the tried and tested places. And then even if I find another job in my life, nothing will change. What if I'll be a happy man, then."

So you provide the ability to determine a specialist, any necessary tools, equipment and techniques to get the desired result.

D) Analyze your emotions and feelings about what life situation you are in.

how old are you uncomfortable to be in this situation. Feeling its internal state demotiviruet you to change. At the consultation, you will come with a desire to change something in life. By the way this also will save you time and money.

Example: "I'm devastated and crushed. I feel bad already just thinking about what if I stay in this job, I can't stand it. I feel tiredness and hopelessness. Boiling in me disgust from this work."

Write on paper their inner emotional signals about the situation!

D) Think about what you can do now, no "sudden movements", that would come to change.

Any changes require certain calculations, time and effort. What would change was without violent shocks, it is better to start small. Consider what is the first step you need to do to get closer to solving the problem.

Example: "can I send a resume in companies that are more interesting to me. I can learn a new profession, can enroll. You can analyze a niche to which I have an interest and feel out the market".

Make a list of desired destinations, where do you see yourself, in any case, you're wondering what to do!

Being prepared for the consultation, you will win time, changes will come faster and faster you will get what you want!

Always your consultant!

Mendeluk Basil
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