Sometimes we do not notice the feeding habits of other people as they try to hide them. At the same time feel "not at ease" as afraid that their secret will be revealed and they do not understand!

Why people lived more or less favorable childhood and the latent period, while in adolescence, with food, build relationships for YOU?

In adolescence, there is a mental regression to the stage of child development (being committed), and experiencing the traumatic affects again and unconsciously.

the Teenager, eating normally, as all solid, liquid, rough, etc. food, suddenly realizes that he literally climbs the lump in his throat, connects psychosomatic spasm and suffocation. But the teenager realizes that the liquid food is digestible for him and threatens a similar reaction. A teenager becomes a young woman and a young man, an adult, and in therapy it is evident that he (she) is stuck in podrostkovoy.

Why is the refusal of solid food?

Often from the anamnesis of such patients emerges early weaning, which occurs usually abruptly and the baby could not survive! Refusal of solid food, the unconscious desire to "milk" the mother, as in the literal sense (the liquid food) and emotional saturation (sensitivity, attention, and comfort on the part of parental figures). Although on the other hand, food refusal, signal the parent, because I can do without your "milk". The patient is immersed in ambivalence, and destructiveness towards themselves.

the harmful effects of such "circumstances" is the lack of growth of the individual, there is a large separation issue , the issue of development of the self and the debut of immaturity.

Working with these patients is severe, they function in schizo-paranoid position (M. Muller), will take a long time to move into the depressive position, development I finally maturity. Usually these narcissistic patients and the therapist have to be a good container to provide a holding patient and then slowly but surely therapy is the right vector of development!

Puhovskaja Natalia
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