Want to want!!!

you want.

As you many years ago , we went with my colleague and just a beautiful girl riding the subway. And she told me that she wants what she has plans. And here's what she can and wants to go, wants to buy an apartment,and something in life to radically change, etc., and I caught myself thinking that "damn it! She talks about it!!!!  I want to want!!!". This was the period when I came out of the decree, the child was constantly ill, and all thoughts centered around this.  And the most interesting that I could not even think so afford. I had one thought, such a pattern that "carefully "put my grandmother that I have everything. And if that is so, then the rest of the time, our dreams, the love I gave to others. Holding back nothing. I have had dreams, but as I said one coach, "I closed" and "shallow dream, dream with passion at large". Yeah, dream big! I had 8 wishes and the two of them from the discharge pipe, a couple of "standard", well, the rest I already have!!!

But it is full of the desires of others and loved ones. The husband should help with the documents, registration, take to the woods for mushrooms, and the best all day carry in the car ( ie he is not included, and so much more comfortable to move around the city). Mom me your plans))) Plus the kids, well, there is always something to do! Neither the time nor the energy to "my" already no remains. And to and more things to do. And all this I quietly hawala, that have me and the way it is. And in addition next so in need of my help people! So as not to get into the program "specialista"???!!!! br>
to Stop this cycle of problems in nature can only be an effort. And of course for this you need the desire! So I really wanted to want!!!

After all, energy, forces for change come where the focus of attention. If the focus is on casatella, always, always there are people surrounding it is urgent or constantly save. Or included program sacrifices in life will be formed event in support of this program. 

Interestingly, in humans with these programs is not formed neural connections "happiness", "joy of life", "balance of work and relaxation". It seems that the person understands that it is necessary and even makes steps, but.... for it is so wild and unusual that the brain includes a program "put it all back, this is a known evil and I got used to it". Thus sabatera changes. And if all will go so subterawatt will be the body. Because there comes exhaustion, apathy, fatigue, appears psychosomatics. He then begins to sharply seek out, knock on all doors!!!! And then there is the subconscious ready for a change, just the price of change is big!!! br>
If you have something there, ask yourself  - "and certainly I want this?"
"what if I'm already going to be"? ( it may well be that you feel the discomfort).
- "what do I benefit from the fact that I don't have it"?

I know from experience that people often want a family, children, money, happiness, and begin to work with them and it turns out that no! Don't want to! And want another - to be accepted, to be loved, to be worthy, but is  as it seems to be earned or to pay for it all. br>
what do you want???

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