Want to want, or a little bit of self-motivation

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want to Want, or a little bit of self-motivation

Motivation is a concept which is the subject of numerous

research. One definition States that motivation is the process of formation of the motive. The motive that directs the activities of a person from the inside; something that "grows" its own needs, values, desires... it is impossible to convey to another person, but you can create conditions under which the motif occurs, that is, people will find answers to the questions "Why am I going to do?" "For me, what's the point?"

Often the word "motivation" implies the desire to do anything, the willingness to perform certain activities to reach the goal. In this case we speak about the severity of this desire, whether or not it is strong or weak is "high" or "low" motivation (or rather, "motivation").

If to awaken or reinforce the motivation you need within yourself, then you can call this process self-motivation.
in order to "awaken" in self motivation, you must first determine the goal because the motivation is always concrete, "tied" to the implementation of any activity, to achieve the desired result. And the goal comes from their own desires of man, and only he can make a choice to limit the statement "I want" or to add to this "I want and I am ready to act to get what you want". The goal is the starting point of all activities and goals are closely related to the notion of the result.

If your goal is to find motivation for something, ask yourself what you want in the result? Why are you going to motivate yourself? You need the result ("I Want to be able to speak English with colleagues") or the process ("I Want to learn English")? It is better to have response options were several: the more likely to strengthen the desire to act. Not just a General answer ("I Want to lose weight"), and narrow it ("I Want to lose weight to improve health" or "I Want to reduce weight, to improve health so every day to ride a bike").

If your answer does not inspire you, try to "deploy" it – to imagine the desired future in detail: how it will look? What feelings you will experience when you get what you wanted? What new features you will get when you reach the goal? You can ask yourself questions such as: what will happen if I reach this result? Then what will change (or, more precisely, not changed)?
Create an image of this result: it can be, for example, the mental (picture drawn by imagination) or material (drawing, collage, photography, narrative). It is important not only to create an image, but also to feel it - to feel the mood, or emotions, or feelings, which are concentrated in this way.

Imagine you already got what you wanted... What you feel about it? Look at ourselves: what or what you received (received) something like? What has changed in your life getting this result?
And – most importantly – whether the cost of these changes to your efforts?

How important to you this result? Are you ready to take action for the sake of achievements?

Often the brake on the way to the goal becomes the reluctance to leave their "comfort zone": it seems that the journey will be long and difficult. Although motivation can be "gleaned," not only in the image of the target, but also in the way (ways) to achieve this goal! What are the ways (of achieving objectives) would be interesting by themselves? What do you like or know how to do? Can you use your skills to achieve the desired result? If those ways that you see now, boring, difficult, associated with negative emotions – how can we change them? If not completely then at least partially possible to replace them with something else?

the Next step is to understand what level of motivation (or rather, motivation) you need. How much you need to want to do what you have planned to actually do it? You need this level of "volition" to in one sitting to "move mountains"? Or one that will allow daily to perform small but routine work for the desired outcome?
Another important point: think about what obstacles you see on your way to the goal? What do you see as ways to overcome obstacles? Who can help you with this?

And then create your motion plan to the goal. Make it so detailed and phased, as far as you think is necessary. Determine how long you take to get the result – you can set the approximate final date that you can plan the timing for each stage.
However, even when you have a clear idea of what you want, why you need it and how can get the path to the goal is not always smooth. But you can at any time to stop and think about what will help you move on!

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