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When a Woman presents with such a character, rebellious, stubborn and disobedient, often will encounter a men that will try to tame and domesticate. And perhaps there is nothing wrong, because the rebel wants sooner or later pouspokoilsya, to be a wife and mother. In General, of course, talking to more than a strong man with a strong character a woman is beneficial.

But only in those cases where the masculine strength of the Individual is not replaced by pereaminirovanie. It is no secret that human traits are often attracted to the accentuation (sharpening, maximum, and super-normal manifestation) and the strong spirit of men often locked in their "inner woman," which is responsible for warmth, affection, caring, ability to compromise and to show flexibility and wisdom. And what happens in this case - the man practically neobosnovano a woman suppresses, crushes under her. And first man like - it's flattering, the lion has prevailed, and the lion became docile and friendly. However, if a man flirted dominance lioness gradually, often without noticing herself, becomes a gentle Bunny whose interests and desires are suppressed.

Often in these stages happens that a woman refuses to meet with friends, Hobbies, trips to the gym, etc., begins to think, what to say and what not, because the dominant male may criticism to defeat or even to ignore. Woman becomes first quieter, then quieter, and then completely invisible. And one day know itself. A partner who rejoiced in the obedience of the woman starts to move away, later to come home and if it's not marriage, but until the relationship is to disappear, not to call day to ignore.

in General, people meet for a reason. The ideal meetings is two people in unison. But it happens not so often, more often into our lives come the partners in communication and interaction that we have each other to develop and reward growth. If one partner to obey the other unconditionally and to listen to him, even if he goes too far, each pair will follow the path of least resistance, that is, as an option, I repeat the parent script. To avoid such situation, if such a scenario is not like, it is important not to lose yourself in another, from time to time asking ourselves the question "what do I want? And I agreed because I wanted or because I was afraid that would upset him?".

a Strong man is cool. Pereaminirovanie is a game ego, which in the end will hurt both and relationships. So every minute I choose not only love, but also myself.

With respect and inspiration, Vlad Gubanova.

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