what do you think, is it possible to repair the complex mechanism of any Swiss watch with a sledgehammer? That's the same is the case with all nationalism is fascism. Social mechanisms of a normal life is infinitely more complex than these primitive ideas, the only advantage of which is that they are due to its primitiveness easy to fit in the stupid head. Kill all the other people - and there will be happiness.. But in reality - blow hammer on Swiss watches.

If all do not share nationalist ideas people tomorrow just vanished in the air, life in Ukraine is not only not better, it instantly would become the darkest, the real horror.. the structure of the socio-economic pie immediately formed a huge black hole and crack. Everything will collapse. There's no one left to heal, to teach, to make scientific discoveries, write books truly wise, to sow reasonable, good and eternal. Sorry, that's impossible. And so would... to collect all the lovers of destruction of people on a single planet and let them enjoy the "win". Hell, this planet seems peaceful, a nice black sea resort. br>
Nationalism-fascism is destructive in nature. This is a nuclear bomb for all of society. And those who put on this card, bet on death and destruction. And what are they like actually, is irrelevant. As said Kant, "the purpose of the deform tools". Deformed and unpredictable. You cannot achieve anything good through destruction. It is impossible to fix a Swiss watch with a sledgehammer. Look how already flew, maiming and killing people, all the gear!!! Complex social structure requires an equally subtle and complex decisions, taking into account the interests of different people, regardless of faith, colour, nationality.

the Main paradox of nationalism is that declaring the prosperity of the nation, he always throws it back in development, causing irreparable damage. The nationalists - the most dangerous enemies of his own nation. But to understand this, we have to finish at least a couple of institutes and read a couple of trucks wise books. Germany is the best example of what happens when time wins cannibalistic, primitive ideology. Here is the entire analysis of what is happening. And the rest - just a minor journalistic particular.

Clock with a sledgehammer won't fix. And even more so with grenade launchers and tanks.
Alex RA.

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