Watch the clouds


WATCH the CLOUDS - it is helpful!

so in the literal sense.

When you look like floating clouds in the sky, you will not only admire the beauty and height of the sky, a combination of blue and white colors and bizarre shapes of the clouds themselves. You are on a real psychotherapy session.

it Turns out that when we look at passing in the sky the clouds, our eyes watching them, making a huge amount of movement. These eye movements correspond to the movements of the pupils during the sleep phase. This phase, in which there is an internal study of subliminal images.

due to this movement of the eye going study of subliminal images and while admiring the clouds.

This effect was opened by Francine Shapiro. And called it desensitization through eye movements, or abbreviated to EMDR method.

This is a quick and painless method of psychological help, through which you can simply and securely get rid of fears, anxiety, trauma and negative attitude to life. Efficiency scientifically proven: through clinical research and study on the MRI.

Well, you can apply it just admiring the clouds! Nice and useful!
using this technique it is possible not only to remove mental stress or depression, but to cure real diseases.

It is faced with terminal illness and intractable problem, Francine discovered this technique of desensitization through eye movements (EMDR). And it happened precisely at the moment when she's frustrated she just looked up to the sky and watched the clouds.

technique EMDR there are several movements of eyes, which should be done simply by thinking about the problem. It is best if a professional therapist who owns this technique will lead you in this session. But the common practice of cloud watching has not been canceled.

In the technique of EMDR have in common with the techniques of Hatha yoga, once the Soviet Union was a similar study on the eye movements Alexander Yarbus, doctors-psychotherapists can detect fractional hypnosis, experts in cognitive behavioral psychotherapy will note the sequence of stages of desensitization. Anyway. The method is simple, as all ingenious. And the method works.

And clouds float. Use what is closest to you.

I wish you happiness and peace!

Suvorova Elena
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