We are those relationships that we have in our brain.

Kolya when he's down. there is one way behavior. He goes for a bottle of beer. But Victor does not always to all the trouble of complaining to mom.

They forgot that the brain can and should develop. The more extensive the network of neurons living inside us,the more our behaviors, we get stronger and happier.

Work with a psychologist, group psychotherapy relationship with Mature partner or friend who knows something we do not know how, help us learn to interact with the world more productive.

People can learn to recognize their feelings, to notice and speak up when something goes wrong, thus to protect themselves and their personal boundaries.

to Include the perception, not the reaction of escape, attack, or fading in the time of stress, not everyone can. In the war - is useful for survival, and in relations to alienate people from each other.

But what we are is not a given. You can always learn something new and use it. Yes, it can be scary at first, but then, time after time, we change. What for us seemed difficult yesterday, today was a CAKEWALK.

You do it the first time, second time and first is sooooo hard. This is way out of my comfort zone. But after 10 or more times, you will notice that the new behavior is a new part of you. Easily and without willpower you can be more productive.

It works just. Relationship. Work. Health care.

Valentina always eats dinner chocolates, do not eat proteins and suffers from excess weight. Her habits related to food are still in the early childhood. And then she realizes how this affects her body and state and decides to change it. Appear in the diet of vegetables, fruits, nuts and fish. She has experience of nutrition: track neurons that remember what it is. She knew at the level of thought that is different. And now he does and at the level of action. Gradually, when she was a few months 10, 15 or 100 times chose to eat something healthy, eat differently and take care of their body much easier.

We are the choices we make every day. Make the right choice and love yourself

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