Many of you probably heard the phrase:

"We can't change what happened, we can change the attitude".

Changing attitudes to the traumatic event, changes our feelings, and in General change our state.

Let's look at this process from the perspective of transactional analysis.

What happens?
In childhood, the child has been subjected to abuse ( physical, psychological).It has left a trace in long term memory. The picture of the child constantly appears, especially if any of the reality this is similar to the image of the person similar to the abuser; the place where it all happened; time of year-it can be anything.

And all this returns is already an adult in the past.

So the past influences our perception of the present.
And this is in the present brings a lot of pain.
Not always the person can change the situation on their own.
And so he went to a specialist.
it is Clear that the specialist is not going to change the past, he will be able to help change the attitude.
It is possible to do, working on an unconscious level, on this level, you can make contact with the Inner wounded Child, which continues to experience strong feelings of fear, resentment, guilt, shame.
Fear that this could happen again.
Resentment that did not help him in this situation, not understood, not supported ...
fault that it all happened because of him. It was he fault that daddy left, my mom got sick that...
it is a Shame that wet with fear panties in front of the class...
All these feelings continue to corrode from the inside out.

To change the perception apply different techniques, methods, techniques.
This writing tales psychodrama, drawing, modeling, working with MAC, imaging - visualization.
for Example is a big and strong, and bully the small and weak. And through visualization "rewritten" the situation. The inner Child remembers this situation under a new, less tragic. The human condition is improving.
I have described one episode of psychological correction of emotional States.
it is Clear that working with each case, is selected that will be more effective. Sometimes it's a set of methods.

As always ready to answer your questions.

Nina Borisovna
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