We either have or we simply do not!!!

Hello friends.

Today I want to tell you about the main.

My way of becoming can be considered rare, and the only Russian (who knows?). I was fortunate to meet the best representatives of this world. If you want, take a look at my teachers

I – Russian, and have never betrayed napredak their Homeland and the planet Earth. No money, no promises. On for that!!! Many flee abroad, building your business, building themselves behind the cordon.

so there are three things that distinguish me from many other people. No respect vtyuhivanie and pitch to make to anyone looking to understand that here, in this world, is really. It is not necessary to make money for those who want to understand how things are.!!!

the First aspect, which opened ontopsychology science (psychology of Being in man) is the essence of what is our soul (or In-se, where "in" means "in", "inside", and "CE" is the essence in me, which ultimately means to be yourself, that's the literal translation). I'm not a fan of ontopsychology, it's just that we related.

When you read this, please think of them (these lines) out of your heart. Suggest you leave the head and look at it all from inside ourselves. You will understand what I'm talking about. If you have trouble, come to me, I'll explain it individually. I do not betray my friends, I conduct them to their victory.

the Second aspect is terrible, but after a certain time, together with move with me, it becomes beautiful, or at least not hinder us to BE. We are talking about the monitor deviations, invading the human psyche at the very beginning of our childhood (it happens to us all from 2 to 4 years). After this invasion, our life becomes illusory, literally worthless. Friends, did anyone ever tell you that? Unlikely. From that moment, all of our problems. Want – believe, want – no.

For those who want to understand more, what is the monitor deviations, drop me a PM, I will give you the opportunity to read, to understand what it is, what is this program, deflecting us from ourselves, making us miserable, sick, unhappy....

the Third aspect. It may seem difficult, but with time, it becomes simple. 24 hours a day, we radiate, we pass the information about what is happening to us similar to the transmitter (for example, with our phone that tells where we are, what we say, and we at this time, always write it down...).

the Third aspect is semantic field. "SEMA" – sign, "an" energy. When we meet, when you tell your dream, when you talk about your problems, you all my guts you say you talk about yourself, the true level of energy. You tell about yourself, pretty, everything, literally everything!

Not many people have this sensibility of cognition of the moment "here and now". I was lucky enough to have this gift. As it happened, it happened. And now I'm going to say is very important: you are also the same as I do, you can do that too – to do, to know and be.

What do you want? The question is not simple.

You either are, or you just don't have that yet, but maybe you vospryanet, reborn!!!

that's all today I want to tell you. Respond best, come the best. I'm waiting for you. Come find joy, will have to wait, you'll lose time. Read "time" as the life. Wasting time is wasting life.

sincerely yours, Pavel Uskov.

Pavel Uskov
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