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In my previous article (We get sick because we suffer..Emotional causes of psychosomatic diseases. Part 1 - https://www.b17.ru/article/152227/) I told  about a new and increasingly used psychological approach to psychosomatic diseases method of Recall Healing (Healing of memories). of Course, for specialists with medical education, this approach may seem contradictory. On the other hand, if the doctors can't figure out how to help psychosomatic patients in addition to prescribing drugs that reduce physical discomfort, why not use the still the unexplored resources of the human psyche?

In my practice, clinical psychologist I am often faced with clients suffering not only from  insoluble in their view of emotional crises,  but also have a whole bunch of psychosomatic ailments, from irritable bowel syndrome to rheumatoid arthritis. And I can say, based on my practice and observations that happy, satisfied himself and the relations with relatives, people very rarely face a diagnosis of cancer.

the Method Recall Healing (Healing of memories) is not a panacea and does not guarantee complete cure, but it is a distinct structure in the study of the psychological climate of the family of the client and  often repressed emotional conflicts, helps you find   the psyche  the client need "key".

a Case from my practice

Anna, age 31,  specialist in logistics

a Diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome. Common physiological problems associated with incorrect functioning of the intestines, do not allow Anna to work full-time, especially under stress (Anna works in a Bank and appreciates her well-paid job). On weekends, Anna can't find a place feels, in her words, "heaviness in the soul," can not relax, and on Sunday night - feels panic and fear (and as a result, pain and an intestinal disorder). A few years of marriage and fears for their relationship with her husband, who began to show irritation  due to "permanently sick wife" (Anna feels a growing resentment toward my husband). Husband output  began increasingly to leave home alone. At the reception Anna sits hunched over, holding open hands in a powerless position, on his knees, said in a very low voice. Looks like a small, frightened and deeply offended girl, not understanding what was happening.

the proposal to use the method  ‘Healing of memories” Anne responded with enthusiasm, as tried and means of alternative medicine, and many hours of psychotherapy, which, in her estimation, did not bring the desired effect.

it was drawn up a line life cycles autonomy, which helps the client to remember the crises and emotional trauma, often repressed subconscious. It turned out that one of the reasons for the suppressed  impotent rage Anna was involved in her relationship with the father.&In early childhood she was very much attached to him, felt the need in his presence, upset when he went to work in another country.&When the patient was 15 years old, his father started drinking and became aggressive towards his mother female patient and her older brother. In the interview conducted after the preparation of lifelines and execution of the questionnaire, the patient remembered that, at the time, desperately hated his father and wished that he disappeared forever from her life. The key question of the patient: how could he do that to her?&At the first meeting she showed a slight indifference to the father. As a result of applying some techniques of therapy "Healing of memories” it turned out that the patient does not forgive his father that  she subconsciously expects an apology from him that she is “supposed”.  it is Important to emphasize that during the meetings it  often not restrain his emotions, tears and resentment.

feelings of anger and frustration caused her and break with her fiancé when she was 23 years old.  How he could do this to me?  – appeared in the same issue. All subsequent conflicts in her life that were able to detect largely due to the method of analysis cycles of autonomy,  caused the patient very similar reaction  is a powerless anger: how could they?

the same question "How can he do that?" it appears Anna and her husband, who, in her feeling and assessment of its "not supported", which only strives "to go". She's not sure that can rely on him, her hurt and scared. 

According to the concept of "Healing of memories" of the  problems with  large intestine can occur as a result  of a serious unresolved conflict, it is vitally important for a person because of the situation that "impossible  to explain", "to accept and release" due to the behavior of someone very close to you that "unforgivable".  General emotional background - the feeling of betrayal, the intolerable grievances which cannot be explained to the offender.

there is anger, helplessness, despair, sense of injustice  in relation to itself. Very often the reason is inside the family clan: “I cannot agree with what is happening in my family”, “it is unfair with his /their part”.

it is Possible to assume that the main emotional conflict of the patient were alcoholism of the father  and the loss of childhood in the face of a defender and support.  In the process of compiling a family tree revealed that the patient feeling a huge need in the father can be explained by the absence of the father in the life of her mother. He died when she was a few years old, and Anna's mom all my childhood felt resentment against the father, who was separated from her. During pregnancy knowing that baby girl, Anna's mom was very happy that she will have a father that she won't have to suffer without his support, protect and love her.  we Can assume that  it gave daughters of their emotions and their need for father. So Anne's from early childhood there was a feeling of  acute attachment to him and fear losing him. As for her father, as it turned out, the most important was the birth of a son – the successor of the family (older brother of Anna).

As Anna saw no possibility of conversation with my father about my  childhood experiences, she was asked to talk to the father, mentally, to visualize his image and focus on their emotions. During these sessions she discovered a huge, previously unconscious  resentment of his father, remembered the feeling from childhood that it is not necessary to his father that he preferred "vodka" instead to dedicate her time.  Later  negative emotions associated with her relatives, the patient had experienced a similar way,  discovering a  anger, helplessness and a dependence on them.

Our work with Anne lasted about three months. I know she decided to change jobs, became engaged .. Boxing (which helps her  to remove the emotional strain). She is no longer afraid to speak to her husband about their emotions. And not be so afraid of losing him. But most importantly - she began to perceive symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome as a signal that it "forget for a moment about yourself." 

take Care of yourself and don't be afraid! Do not be afraid of their negative emotions, but don't let them take full control of your life, your consciousness, your health!

Victoria Dunaeva, a clinical psychologist, a certified specialist Recall Healing 

WhatsApp +48 507 555 347

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