Whale rider


He came into our family - to our Church. Easy. Interesting. Original.

He liked our cleanliness, detachment. He wanted to find? Maybe it reminded him of childhood..

I liked that he didn't treat me with unwanted male interest. But I had no idea...I'm still grieving for the dead husband.

We liked to talk about life and to lie on the grass, staring at the infinity of blue sky.

He came every day. I didn't notice as I used to.

I was surprised as he hugged me goodbye: lightly touching, gently, like a crystal vase, which can be broken.

And one day it happened...

At the time of the peak of our friendship, ready to move into a new role, he said:

- I'm gay.

And letting me come round, as though fearing his words, his feelings and what will happen next, he dumped on my head a bucket of baseless allegations. Suddenly saw me as a fallen woman.

What I did to you? You curse me, the moment I turned into your enemy. which "punish God". Perhaps it will happen. That's just God is.

And then gone forever. Who do you see in me, man? Your mother? Or himself?

I understand you. But it is not easier. I'm sad.

If you're a woman in this situation you always lose. Pointless something to hope for. It is useless to wait. Nothing has changed. Never to return. And impossible to forget...my fault - but only I was born a girl

If I were a man...

But I'm a woman. I love a man who loves men. I don't want to change orientation...but...in these moments, you begin to reject yourself and women. Who am I? No, I'm not a broken vase.

I feel more power, energy, confidence...but not female...feel...unfulfilled, empty power, I think I could move mountains...Perhaps this is the birth of Joan of Arc. Energy is not given to us just like that. The relationship is also non-random. From the denial of her femininity is born leadership. What a high goal I have to put? And what to achieve?

And what for it to pay the price? Where is the line of will and femininity, where the point of intersection of these qualities?

Maslow drew up a set of the plurality of 13 typical characteristics of female leader of:

·high level of perception of reality, the adequacy of perception of the world and ourselves in the world;

·developed the ability to accept oneself, others and the world in General for what they really are;

·increased spontaneity, simplicity and confidence in life;

·well-developed ability to focus on the problem;

·severe detachment and an explicit commitment to privacy;

·expressed autonomy and resistance to joining any one culture;

·a fresh perspective and a wealth of emotional reactions.

·frequent breaks at peak experiences, higher than the actual strength and capabilities of the individual;

·identification with the whole human race, the predominance of the sense of unity over the sense of separation;

·self-sufficiency and independence;

·the democratic character structure, independence from authorities, idols, hierarchies;

·high creativity;

·a positive system of values, having a solid life philosophy.

the Little girl Pai from New Zealand, becomes the first of the men of the tribe of the island of whales because it's her favorite and meaningful a man sees the meaning of life in the heir, which should have been grandson. He is disappointed that his only granddaughter. Its amazing the power of love and will do wonders: animates whales. She brings a new level of people. But she is risking the most precious - their lives and female.

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