Almost any person who asks for help to a therapist, because he hurts, it is natural and logical wants to be sick has ceased. It is quite natural. And justified. And so the question arises – does the psychotherapy help in the deliverance of man from his concerns?

the Methodology of psychotherapy that focuses on experience, suggests that instead of trying to deal with the concepts, it makes sense to return to nature Life. Universal prevention of any psychological problems, any symptom, based on the ideas of their conceptual nature is able to devote his Life experience.

is it possible to WIN a SYMPTOM?

You can try to solve a particular psychological problem of conceptual means. But often you will face the fact that the symptom does not disappear, and even decreases in manifestations. On the contrary, it becomes all the more pronounced and strong. As if your whole life begins to increasingly focus around the ill-fated symptom or problem.

In psychotherapy, this situation occurs quite often. In the best case you manage some of the effort of consciousness to transform the concept of the symptom or to replace it with a new one.

the Symptom that plagued you for a long time, it may take a while for a while or even disappear without a trace. But the situation of your Life does not change, and the associated challenges. Who knows, maybe a new symptom will appear within a short time.

HOW to FORGET ABOUT the symptoms?

I think how many psychotherapy and your life would benefit if switched from a model of getting rid of problems on the recovery model of taste of Life!

I suggest you not to worry so much about how to deal with the problem and how to find an effective solution for it, how much to pay attention to how it is now arranged your Life, how your heart reacts to what is happening in it. Do you desire to surrender to the flow that you have already begun to notice in your Life?


so, the Question that is more interesting for you. You can't move in both directions simultaneously. Yes and also does not make sense, because this is a fundamentally different ideology.

If at some point you will find that your Life has become more interesting to you than your symptoms, it is likely that at this moment begins the path of "healing".

Only a matter of time before you will forget about the symptom. But as a bonus you will receive a fundamentally different quality of Life.


It's not a cure, is rehabilitation of the lost luxury to Be Alive.

This thesis is not so much a philosophical as a pragmatic character. I also, like you, interested in making you healthy and happy. In fact, the symptom is something that you have along the way. By some ridiculous coincidence you put a symptom in the focus of your Life and the process of psychotherapy. It does not have to continue.

It's two different approaches – the opportunity to be alive and happy and able not to suffer. I choose the first.

My choice is based on a fairly simple point that we already considered earlier. The fundamental connection between the concept/experience the essence of relatively stable education. The concept and experience of in some sense competitors who share the market of control over Life. If you do not worry about your Life, that job belongs to the concept. It's very simple. The more concepts, the less space for the experience and Vice versa.

it is obvious that you can change your Life if you are not satisfied with something, in two possible ways – the transformation of conceptual mechanisms or recovery of the ability to experience your Life.

the First familiar, but much more limited degree of change. In addition, it does not use the energy that could be spent much more effectively from the point of view of possible changes, since the conceptual manipulation of the energy still remains inside the associated conceptual relations.

the Second way is much less clear and predictable, but much more effective and somewhat versatile skill to survive since your Life is tied not so much to its content as to the quality of the vital processes. It can be used in any subsequent situation.

in addition, the process of experiencing disrupts the usual conceptual connections, thus brings a lot of vital energy in a person's Life. Now it can be used for many useful and healthy task. For example, to be happy, full of energy and zest for Life. Agree, from the point of view of appeal, the second option can not win. Doubt is only nervoustext for you this way to regulate Life. Therefore, from the point of view of effort, it is much more costly. Although the cost of these returns, the first effort still scary.

goodwill people don't usually rush into the abyss of experiences. And it is worth!

Pogodin Igor
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