When you understand something, it becomes easier to live. And when something you feel - it is heavier. But for some reason I always want to feel and not to understand!

(Eugene Grishkovec)

What are feelings and why are they needed?

Feelings are our reaction to something important happening outside in the environment. Sometimes people say that there are "good" feelings, such as love, joy, tenderness and there's "bad feelings" such as anger, fear, etc. and usually people want to experience pleasant feelings, not feel unpleasant. But it is a priori impossible, as a living person requires all the senses. And that's fine.
In our rational world, many people are motivated by logic and practical necessity and not taught to rely on their feelings, because they are difficult to recognize in yourself. Thus, what results? And the fact that people don't understand what's going on in their lives. People take decisions in different situations, make choices, and then ask whether it is the right decision and was asking for advice from others. If people do not know what are the feelings, how to Express it, then he does not know what he wants and needs. Accordingly, sometimes experiencing frustration. Since the decision was initially not true. Feeling internal information compass! To learn to understand their feelings, you first need to learn what normal feelings, then learn them yourself and make. Next to expressing feelings it is important to know how to find the right words and be sure to mention the specific reason that caused those or other feelings. Feelings are normal and natural! Here is the basic:

Anger is a natural reaction to the frustration of Your desires and needs
Fear is a natural reaction to perceived physical or emotional danger
Sadness, sorrow is a natural reaction to the loss of anything or anyone. Be it a person, relationship or thing
Joy, happiness is a natural reaction of satisfaction, a feeling of pleasure.

Be sensitive to themselves and to each other !

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