I like the system of juggling family, are often confronted with the fact that came to the arrangement or for an individual consultation people are already somewhat aware of what will happen in our joint work.

And one of the expectations is often manifested in the myth that to work we have "ancestors". Good ancestors we have a lot. And far and near, and far and near of kin, and "good" - recognized, loved, respected, or miserable, unhappy, or "bad" villains, walking, abandoned, missing... and those who are alive and those who have long since died, and still can not rest, all his descendants commemorated unkind word, or even forgotten, excluded from their ranks.

Here, we take now, we find the three times removed grandfather, who beat his wife, will find this is the root of all problems in this client, or rather, for example, client Machine, which is just not going well with men - beat it. Like that left. new found, and he still hits it... And here, I think Masha, we find now among all the "good" kin one "bad" - the grandfather of the ill-fated, will call him to account, to scold, "put", the grandmother in his company, "call", to explain to her that it is not necessary to this grandfather to live, because of this Mary to suffer falls, because her name is so, no wonder that!? Here the ancestors, the grandparents - everyone will understand, gasp, ashamed. repent, get right now for Mashinnogo happiness, so we all put ("a balance to all to put in place!", sometimes it says the client)).

Or client is Bob, for example - can not find a job with a steady income, but still to respect it and not to tired. And here it seems the Bob is the root of all evil that once his father to his beloved to marry left the Institute and went to work, hard work, dirty, a lot, and not held in high esteem the work was, though he provided this a long time and the wife-the beauty and the boy-Bob, the pet and darling... Yes, that's the trouble - torn, sick, exhausted, went on disability, and became a boarder. It's clear the mother divorced him, and a new wealthy stepfather found, and with the father since then, Bob speaks, "so as not to get" failures and severity. And still indulge. And now it is, with the father meeting, to place him, right to request to fix it in the position because everything is possible...?? Here Vasya and career arguing uphill and prosperity to arrive, and bother no longer needed.

Masha is Wrong. Wrong Vasya.

In the balance is an illusion that we work with people because please - that they are, their deputies, just go for it. But no. It's just the images of the cousins. And we are not focused on them, and feelings. Feelings which during their life difficult and unbearable, it was hard to watch. And was not looking. And escaped. But the feeling then was transmitted. Inherited. So they bring disorder into the soul of the child. And looking at these feelings and understand their origins and treating them with respect, it is possible to leave them there where they belong. In the past. And by in my life to go. Their own feelings, thoughts, actions, deeds dispose. Here then the alignment is good.

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