What attracts me to the profession of art therapist? Or my path to art therapy...


I grew up in a family of artists and from childhood I remember the smell of the shops, museums and vaults with paintings. I have always been provided absolutely free to access different drawing materials – gouache, watercolor, oil, brushes, pencils, paper, different formats, etc. in Addition, homemade shelves were filled with books of different artists, sculptors, and I watched them endlessly. Among friends parents were glass blowers, actors, bards.

Therefore, art therapy in early childhood is for me a familiar environment in which I lived and developed. I am attracted to the process and outcome of art therapy, the ability to use not only regarding customers but also towards themselves.

And, of course, to draw I really can not, absolutely do not have any techniques of drawing, but I love this process and use it in difficult moments in life.

When I studied at our University at the faculty of psychology, many teachers said that someday we will find the direction that will be close to us, which might want to learn more, use different techniques etc. So as soon as I learned about art therapy, I knew it was mine (no matter how arrogant it may sound). I was attracted to this direction of their freedom and variety of methods, natural processes, ndirectives, ability to use at different ages. And, of course, I had no doubt then what I want from art therapy to communicate his first degree. So I did.

a Visit to the art therapy workshops and trainings of local (city) scale gave me the opportunity of self-development, personal problems and, of course, forming the image of an art therapist, updating knowledge, training as a specialist. And it only cemented my choice of direction.

In my work as a psychologist, I often use different elements of art therapy. But constantly wondered: "is this appropriate?", "Efficiently?". So I trained and became a certified specialist in this field.

still, what is art therapy? It is a synthesis of psychology/psychotherapy and art/creativity. The art therapist uses the creative activity of customers. Clients Express themselves through art, music, movement and dance, the art of the theatre. And, it's important! This DOES NOT NEED to be able to draw, write music, study in a theatre * etc.

Art therapy can help those people who find it DIFFICULT to EXPRESS THEIR FEELINGS in WORDS. As said I. Champernon: "Words, in particular, prosaic speech, are too complex way to send our most profound experiences... Visual, aural, plastic images - this is the most suitable way of transferring the feelings and views that it is hardly possible to Express in any other way."

Galeta Jan
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