In 2016 I was thinking about your experience and qualifications, tried to somehow organize and understand what can be done bOnLSI accent, and that continue to develop. And somehow remembered some phrase about skill “if you spent something more than 10,000 hours - then you are the Master in this”.

I think I can be a Master at what I could spend so much time in your life? And was surprised to realize that so many hours exactly I spent on job search from A to Z.

I started Working since I was 19, while studying at the University. My first job was kind of “harsh working”. And I found through the employment service. There was living place to the office with handwritten notebook in the box which is 2 times a week to maintain information about open vacancies. All you were interested you copied into Notepad and trot rushed to the nearest phone booth and hung out there, phoning employers. All that is needed to take on the interview: the documents proving the identity and confirming the qualifications (if any). Summary at the time did not need anyone. Now most do not believe that such a thing could be. Oh and I think, OMG I'm so old.

After graduation, I knew only one thing, to work within their profession (history teacher) don't want to. Higher education has helped me to define it. Although the sweet love of History nourish still. The education received is gorgeous, it's somewhat not viable in the reality. It was the only certain fact and a sea of questions: what, where, and how. To the first interview for “office” work (2003) I was preparing the transfer book (English) how to pass interviews, how to write a CV and so on. Now I think of these recommendations as wildly naive and don't even know if they were ever relevant? But Yes, the years of commercials in the 70's in the United States. Well, we got into the 21st century. White top, black bottom, strict (slick) hair and so on.signs of a dull kind. In General, the image of the office of the clerk - which now has even “indecent” to go on interviews, even if you are the same office-Bank clerk.

Intuitively, I chose the model or the strategy of the career development expert (this is after many years I have read and understood what I was doing), pumping professional skills (PR and marketing communications). As if it's terrible, and “not loyal” to the employer may sound, as soon as I realized that this place I have nothing new to learn, learn nothing and I have nothing to offer I moved on. Since 2008, life skills and abilities began to change in management, it is also I understand it is not quite right.

the Years went by, skills, job searches and General career development were developed. But the search for answers had, as they say, the best school is Life, but very expensive. Yes, it was. Very expensive and sometimes even painful.

How to read between the lines of published vacancies, there are many interesting things you can find and the company and about corporate culture. How to write a cover letter, although still don't like doing this, but it was a long time before I realized for what reason and to what extent they should write or you can do the formal reply, Yes. In my opinion, the belief that a cover letter will help you get a job - it is rather a myth. In the best case, the lottery is that you might select from the crowd, but the gaps in your qualifications will not close if you do not fit the profile of the vacancy. Hiking to the interview - there is no personal growth training is not necessary, especially if it is a simulated “stressful”. Alas, in Russia, this is a hard version of perversion. Apparently closing any karmic task, I stopped to get them, but I know they are still carried out. And looking at the people after them, can call the police, UN something or whoever is in charge of human rights. Tests on IQ or test tasks 3 days the size of a business plan for free, and of course no response. Compare my profile to horoscopes and how do I fit in (too sign); shameless about my personal life, masking just the boredom of the Manager; veiled invitations to Dating and feeling out of my desire to combine so to say official and unofficial duties; willingness to work with bribes, kickbacks... in General a lot of fun.

of Course if I were more clearly represented what we want, and that just seems to me that you want, then maybe cones would be less. But somehow it evolved that there was no one who over-worldly and the other — professionally "posprashat" me. It is only in the last decade, consulting has gone viral, and career counseling talked about as something normal and accessible to ordinary people.

But I survived (just no other word I can find), and realized that oddly enough can even be a Master at it. Padawan did not notice how he became a Jedi. So I started my career consulting.

Anastasia Antonova
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