What can help on the way? Part 2


In the first part of this article we discussed the reasons leading to the fact that instead of interest, joy and inspiration when thinking about how to begin the path to your dream, people are often very contradictory feelings and insecurities, and thoughts "And do I need it?", and procrastination, and delaying, and lack of confidence in their own strength. How can you help yourself to overcome this stage - I want to talk about today.

First of all, you can say to yourself that almost all of these subconscious protection are intended to protect people from the worst - from unconscious intolerable situation, which is associated with the detection of subliminal installations. It turns out that our subconscious mind works by putting restrictive signs everywhere "not There", "You can't handle it, better not try". But the reality is another - "there" is not only desirable, but possible!

And the question is how to include in these situations, conscious thinking, take a sober look at the pros and cons of the initiative and make the decision.

What you need to do? How to come to higher consciousness?

the First step to solving the problem is to try not to run from the pain, but honestly to look at it. How is the pain? To understand what thoughts and emotions arise when I think about the problem, and what are the sensations in the body, what pictures rise before my eyes. And meeting with his reality in its totality, recognizing its current nesostoiatelnosti person will be rewarded. Because become stronger and more fully realized only honest meeting with yourself and your experience. And realizing their pain and their fears, really looking at them, and even feeling them, a person may have a completely different attitude to this - after all, what is known and unknown is not so scary. Depending on specific situations, sometimes it makes sense to seek the support of a psychologist to in an atmosphere of trust and unconditional acceptance of others to try to meet up with his situation face to face. After all, in the Arsenal of psychology there are many techniques that help to make this meeting more tolerated and less painful.

And then it becomes possible to internally allow yourself to be exactly as I have at the moment, and cease to deal with them. Because the constant struggle with himself and self-blame just hold the negativity and rejection itself, and can lead to a variety of psychosomatics. It is important as honestly as possible to see and realize your strengths and qualities could be further improved.

This allows you to change the emotional state and to move from a position of escape from the pain in a positive state of interest and readiness for the new. And then you can start dreaming, asking myself, "what do I really want?" "Why do I need it?" "And that will be when I will reach?", and train the skill implementation. For starters, you can make plans for the areas, which is encouraging, where it is clear how to start and what to do to achieve the goal. And reinforce yourself for each success. Gradually generated a positive experience of yourself and change the way of thinking. The person starts to feel better yourself and your true needs and desires.

it is Useful to consciously note the good that happens in life, began to keep a diary of thanksgiving, at least mentally.

ideally, you can strive to ensure that prior to implementation, some ideas were collected the necessary information, created a plan, identified possible obstacles to the goal and found several ways to overcome them. And this can also help the psychologist, supporting the client in clarifying different aspects of the situation.

But the last step is the implementation of the plan is freedom and choice. But after this thorough preparation it will be. After all, the person receiving the pleasure from the process and achieve the result, inevitably progressing and positive self-esteem, and to achieve my real dreams, and most importantly experiencing the joy.

I'd be happy to work with You to reflect further on this topic!

Tatiana Chrisanfova
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