What can you do if You are not satisfied with the salary?


the man is such that, together with the growing revenues expenditures (demand).

  • And, no matter how much people earn, it will periodically there is a feeling that money again was not enough and that wages are again not high enough.
  • As they say, "income and expense".

do Not have time money to appear from all directions at once "run over" desires, and "run" they are much faster than our financial capacity.

How to stop this endless "race for money" and get out of it a winner?

the Output is very simple and affordable — to start to care about your money as yourself or a very loved being.

Especially well this method will only work if You completely ignored the topic of personal Finance (don't know or have not used the rules of the competent management of their money).

Imagine what will happen to your body if you to eat poorly, not timely checked by medical professionals to lead unhealthy lifestyles.

Or, take a relationship with your partner. Everyday work on their strengthening, care, attention, improve understanding, lead to a happy and long lasting marriage.

now, remember that money require exactly the same attention, constant care, understanding, sincere interest and control.

in Order to begin to build with the money a long and fruitful relationship, let's make a simple but effective exercise.

*(I Advise you to stock up on Notepad, pen and 10 minutes of time).

1) first determine what goals and desires you need money, and write them in a notebook.

Then next to each goal write the planned or desired due date/occurrence in your life.

2) Now you need all planned expenditures be divided into 2 parts:

  1. long-term, which will be targets for the next 3-5-10 years;
  2. short-term, which will be in the coming months, year.

3) Then aim in the short list, arrange in order of priority.

  • So you have to identify leaders (primary spending/wishlist).
  • Other desires (from the end of the list of priorities) should be moved to the list of long-term.

congratulations! Without realizing it, you made the expenditure budget of the family and soon and in the coming years.

4) Realization of long-term goals is only possible at the expense of savings and investment.

Therefore, for the successful execution of the expenditure part of the budget plan of the family, you need to learn to invest, learn how to turn the results of their labor (i.e. wages) in assets.

Think of and write down in your notebook — how and exactly where you will invest part of their salary.

conclusion: You Probably hope to increase revenue by lengthening their workday (i.e., begin to work harder and longer). But.... Many have heard the ironic expression, walking on the network, "More than all the farm work horse, but the Chairman did not become". It is a figurative expression suggests that career, a high income does not always depend on the daily duration of work and sub-physical forces.


1) Money is not to be missed for any income, if not to control costs.

2) Try with any income set aside 10% for investments and savings (and 50% of any unplanned income, premiums, salary increase, monetary gift).

3) Learn the tools of investment to give the deferred the money to work and multiply.


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a Video about what to do if not enough money:

Stuart McPhee
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