What determines our happiness?


what determines our happiness?

That seems to be all there is – and a good husband, and healthy children, and his own apartment, and even two higher educations.
it would Seem, live and rejoice.
But no.
there is No feeling of happiness...

Faced with such stories? I'm sure it is.

the fact that each of us has his own specification of happiness. The genetically determined level of happiness.

And this level determines 50% of the ability to be happy. Why are some people happier than others regardless of external circumstances.

And the 50% we, unfortunately, can not influence.
But can the other 50%.

How are they distributed?

10% external circumstances. Income level, marital status, job, education, place of residence and even health... Only 10%!

And the remaining 40% ... I Guess you could call it the art of living. And get pleasure from life. Attitude to life as a whole and to different events.

And that these 40% we can influence. And through them to become happier.

How can I do this?

to Build good relationships with people. Relationship with others one of the keys to happiness.

Set goals and achieve them. Target is a vector, the direction of movement. Goals allow you to live a more conscious life. Otherwise, to quote Seneca: "he Who does not know where to swim, there is no favorable wind."

to Enjoy the small pleasures – delicious food, walk, sun, music... every day to find the little things that can and should rejoice. To AFFORD these pleasures.

to Express my gratitude. Life, himself and people around. Sincerely. For trivia and for the blessings that are already used.

to learn to forgive.

Eco-friendly to Express their feelings. To trace them to live, not to accumulate the negative.

take Care of your body and soul. On the physical and mental health.

to Do good deeds.

Applies to yourself and to different events a little humor.

to Find work for everyone. At work or at leisure. To take time like that.

to Change the angle of view. Look for the positive side in different situations. Classic glass the optimist and the pessimist. Half full or half empty? Perhaps the way we look at things, is the most important thing.

Add your...

⠀Paying attention to these aspects of life can be almost 2 times happier. Regardless of the potential for happiness is originally.

the Main thing is awareness, regularity and a little perseverance. And improvement will not keep itself waiting❤

Wish You a nice day!

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