What determines the cash flow


the Topic of money is a basic theme in human life. And how her things in our life, depends very much.

Often, in order to have more money, people are trying more and more to work, to work hard, sometimes go to full enclosure, but for some reason almost does not increase. The formula of "more work = more money" is faltering.

Maybe the solution is something else?

From what factors depends on our cash flow?

here are some of them (the list is not exhaustive).

1. Money and self-esteem

Observations show that the magnitude of the cash flow in a person's life is directly related to his self-esteem. The answers to such questions help to clarify:

As I is Valuable in itself in this life?

- What am I worth?

And, on this basis, how much is my labor?

- What amount of money congruente my perception of themselves?

If "I'm good", "I'm all right," then "a lot" of money coming into my life is natural, normal and natural. And "how could it be otherwise?".
But if the perception itself, there are a variety of "Yes, but...", and cash flow matching.

2. More life = more money

Money is always Pro-life. Dead do not need money. Money – it's about allowing life to flow through itself. And here at once a question: a Leak in what volume and to what extent?

- How am I alive?

- I Realize my needs are, and how they met me?

- How much vitality (and money) flowing through me?

the less a man needs and desires, the less money "comes" to implement them.

3. Money and ancestors

the History of our country since its revolution, dispossession, deportations and repression creates for generations to come sustainable the construct of fear of abundance and prosperity.

times, when to be rich and successful is dangerous, is still stored in the genetic memory of descendants. A little more than the neighbor, often meant to be executed or exiled with confiscation.

4. Mom, dad and money

the Parent message, and the installation, imbibed in childhood, play an important role in how we develop relationships with Finance. The child remembers everything that parents say about money, rich people, etc., notice how their parents treat money. And then implements it all in her adult life.

Here, at home, through the relationship with the mother, formed a person's ability to receive and to give. A successful social realization, the ability to go out into the world and make it, often relates to how developed (or not developed) relationship with the father.

And this is not all. To be continued)

Oksana Anashchenko, psychologist, juggling, traumatherapie

Advice on money and self-realization via Skype and in person (for SPb) – https://www.b17.ru/anaschenko

Oksana Anashchenko
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