What determines the financial prosperity of the family. Three important points


Conflicts over money are not uncommon — rather, it is the most common situation in family life.

  • Quarrels and scandals can "erupt" at any, even very minor reason.
  • most Often it is caused by the fact that the spouses were raised in different families (and therefore "brought with them" very different views on money).

How to prevent "explosion" of emotions about Finance that can destroy the relationship between spouses?

to begin to understand what you start to discuss openly with your spouse money matters, the problem will not move from a dead point.

a Simple and obvious tip, but how often are they neglected! And I'll tell you why.

Problems arise because of different attitudes to money.

Sometimes it happens that one of the partners receives a good salary, spends money wisely, and used to do the accumulation, and the second pulls all "zero". Or, for example, the wife used to take care of every penny, and my husband is not, then he will (consciously or not) to lie to her. Of course, this will be done in the name of love (and for the avoidance of potential conflicts), but the fact remains. How is cheating? Gradually begins his concealment of income, the real value of purchased items etc.

to Manage "with small losses" it is possible that when the husband is holding out on the little things.

it would be Much worse to Wake up one day and with great amazement to learn about the tremendous debt and loans that fit your financial understanding spouse (and which will for many years to give to the bankers, relatives, and friends).

How to prevent the development of such an unpleasant scenario in your family?

I will Outline three important points that will help you to strengthen your financial well-being of their families and to avoid conflicts about money:

1) the Formation of a common family budget.

the development of common plans for life — this is a great opportunity to unite my family for their speedy implementation.

Swipe count of all the available family income and assets, the estimate of daily expenses, decide on necessary acquisitions and major upcoming expenses.

it is Important to learn to correctly distribute money, taking into account the needs of each family member and, thus, necessarily directing a portion of the proceeds on savings and investment.

2) Communication.

just remember that in our society the topic of money is considered shameful and the taboo (taboo) to understand how important is regular communication between spouses about their family finances.

People who know how to treat their money and openly discuss financial matters, we are called "Mercantile" and "prudent" (with a pronounced negative shade of meaning).

  • But your pair will have to get rid of such stereotypes.
  • Because only an open discussion of the "money" theme will allow you to keep a strong family, to gain financial wealth and material well-being.

3) Personal money.

in order to keep each other in the "iron fist" and don't limit yourself too strictly to the expenses in the family budget should introduce the concept of "personal money".

  • This is the amount that each family member is free to spend at its own discretion, not holding back and not in front of anyone without accounting.
  • the Only condition — not to go beyond the established financial limits.


  1. different approaches to the treatment of money can lead to family quarrels and chronic problems with finances.
  2. it is Important to agree on a common family budget (for example, at the beginning of each month) and to talk openly about disturbing issues.
  3. the best option would be the allocation of "personal money" each member of the family (which they can freely spend at its discretion).


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Stuart McPhee
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