What do You know about hobby?!


" I Have no hobby

I don't like to mess around in the garden,

not collect stamps.

I collect only bottles

from under me drinking beer

and litigation. "

Ozzy Osbourne

You think that life flows exactly as it should be?

in principle, there is nothing to change.

But our life could be better and it should be better.

In this article I would like to talk about a hobby or passion in life.

And what do You know about the hobby?

HOBBY (eng. hobby) - any hobby, favorite activity at your leisure.

Hobbies and I. Sounds like something viscous, solid and light at the same time, podprygivaya joyful.

If you take an image of food, it is a elegant party platter. Not exactly fast food daily or even healthy food.

Perhaps this dish is a dessert. We eat it every day, and that is the event.

as a hobby. Them we can't do every day. But I know, without a hobby life is not quite filled.

a Hobby is one of the important components of human life.

And what's it all about? Health, prosperity, love.

And everything seems to be okay, but something was missing.

Hobby – is the key to success.

Most famous people spent all of his free time to the things that brought them pleasure and who later became their life.

Example. The coach of the Olympic team, fifty-one years. Life have been busy doing as she says: "...that good".

Always loved sports. The desire to give the depleted psychological resource, and led to psychosomatics.

do Not know what to do, as the work is not so popular.

Loves many things in life, but for a hobby you never had time.

ideally, the hobby should take a considerable part of the hanging man. Only then can we achieve a harmonious state and to be rather psychologically healthy.

Example: a 38 years old woman. Married for 9 years. Due to her husband's work moved to another city( second attempt of the move) and could not "find a place". Deep depression and apathy. Nothing in life pleases. Considering her life, it is very difficult for something to lean on.

" I do Not like to sew, knit, clean, cook. The flowers do not like their divorce house husband. Taking the son to school and roam the city without a purpose."

In the context of the history of this woman remembered the words of Federica Barbigera: "Everyone needs a hobby — supposedly to "escape from stress" — but you understand that in fact people are simply trying to survive and not go crazy."

Each of us needs to find a hobby. Listen to yourself, You will be interested in. Try yourself in different activities. They are so many, something for everyone.

As in the parable of best interests.

"once there were two lovers of books and stopped to talk.

— What's new? asks one.

Read recently a good book, I liked it, — says the other.

— what?

of life.

— Then bring me one to read.

a few days, choosing free time, the owner of the book came to his friend. Looks, and he is busy with his dog teaches her a stick to fetch.

— Oh, Hello! I bought a dog. Every day with her engaged — and welcomed his companion.

— I've brought you a book to read, as promised, ' said the visitor.

But lucky dog's owner was so passionate about training that has not heard his friend.

— leave my dog alone! — could not stand that. Book new look!

— Ah, the book... turned into the owner of the dog. — And about the dogs you have nothing?

"For the time will come when sound doctrine will not, but after their own lusts shall elect to themselves teachers, having flattered my hearing..."

And find a time that is especially important. This hobby can give one and the same time during the week or during the day.

for Example, my husband one day of the weekend goes fishing.

on the other hand, a hobby is the opportunity to develop the other hemisphere, which is not involved in the work.

the Man works as an accountant - free time is better spend in nature, for needlework.

And if Your work is not connected with the figures – a hobby might be solving puzzles, solving crossword puzzles.

the work tedious and restricted activities – Your hobby can be a competitive sports game, chat with friends to discuss books read or shared is important for all those gathered.

Your hobby may be different.

the Main thing that it brought pleasure and is an important criterion for the definition of a hobby.

Responded to the statement of Igor Pogodin on his Facebook page.

"In life, a lot of nonsense.

People once lived, but still does not implement their talents.

We spend our entire lives getting ready.

We are preparing to live, but this moment never comes.

We continue to feel emotional tension.

Life was slipping out of our hands.

It flows all the time, we only prepare for it. We will never live.

We live in only a few minutes when engaged in creative work. When we create something, there is a living moment.

And no matter what is created, the main thing — the feeling that you created something.

You become a Creator. In the moment when you feel that you are the Creator (maybe you have just invented a toy, drew a picture, wrote a portrait), you realize that from now on you Creator.

And then something in you is implemented, something begins to blossom.

the Disease develops because we have forgotten how to do, no one does.

And the more technical progress, the higher the level of our civilization, the less opportunities to do, because we all give. Passivity became the rule.

In the old days people often danced, and in our time, we watch others dance.

We have become passive spectators. Life can't bring you contentment, if you are just a spectator.

You should take part in it. You have to live life to the full, must live it fully, have to put everything on the line for her.

But we're just spectators. One person sings, other dances, the third painting, but we see it all.

All of humanity has turned into an army of spectators, who are passive, which do not take part.

Passivity kills the spirit. It is impossible to feel its value

If you don't create something".

P. S. of Course, everyone fills their lives with what they believe is right. Remember that a hobby can give Your life not only fun and variety, but also how the spices taste and aroma. And Your "psychological receptors" will feel the unique taste for life and the world around You.

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