Many probably were met with the fact that some diseases have genetic predisposition (GP). And sometimes heard about genetic diseases. So, it is very important not to confuse these concepts. as a genetic disease will manifest itself necessarily in carrier of the gene, and a genetic predisposition is not a disease. It (SE) can be compared with the influence of the environment on the development of depression. For example life moderate geographical latitude (above the 45th parallel) is a factor in the development of depression. But Most of Russia is located in the temperate latitude. And not all Russians in these latitudes suffer from depression. Science calculates and examines all sorts of genetic kits that can influence the development of certain diseases. Not only mental. And so, in Medical school the student is faced with the responsibility of genetics in almost all diseases. Even infectious diseases have genetic predisposition. Diseases such as endocarditis, tonsillitis (quinsy), rheumatic fever, glomerulonephritis, and even gastritis and ulcers are not only, and sometimes not so much with bacteria, and with the set of genome that is worn by the patient.

as with mental illness. Alzheimer's disease, Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, Depression have a genetic predisposition.

for example, in schizophrenia was found the maximum number predraspolagatmi genes. There are only 3. And then the likelihood of developing schizophrenia only 20%. All!

that is, even such an influx of genetic material will allow 80% of people will never know of this disease (although they could be other predraspolagatmi factors, except genetic).

Why, I decided to write an article about it. Often, when collecting of the deep family history, the doctor asked, "Why do You need to know who the sick, and what did you do?". And when the doctor will say that looks genetic predisposition, many relatives feel guilty in something. Or start to blame the family of the spouse. Although they blame themselves and each other in anything. Moreover, what would a genetic trait manifested itself he had to meet with a similar (I Think we all know that genes are paired and from each parent is inherited by only one of the pair, and the second he takes from the other parent), or he can and does nothing to say (the gene responsible for the synthesis of proteins and enzymes, the gene is recessive (suppressed) is not involved in synthesis).

PS: I wrote and think. I wanted to explain about heredity and genetic predisposition. But were there?)

will Summarize. Don't be afraid of genetic predisposition. We are all predisposed to something. Moreover, it is not known what this will turn out. Can harm, and may in favor.


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