What cool it is, what it cool! How great! I too so want!

Such thoughts arise in a person who is experiencing the emotion of ADMIRATION. Yes, Yes, definitely with an exclamation point.

It is strong, colorful and short-term emotion. It can arise in relation to:

Qualities, abilities, skills, achievements

Painting, film, song, book, blog, in General, to any object, idea or phenomenon.

When we feel admiration, we have in parallel there is envy and other negative emotions, the emotion thicket goes hand in hand with interest, inspiration, love and respect.

My sister told me how in their company was an event where every employee is told about a man who is his delight. She felt it was very inspiring and absolutely no one from the staff is not indifferent.

who or what fascinates you? What?

I seldom admire people, in General, more individual quality. Of the latter, the most striking character is Arya from Game of thrones. Her courage, confidence, loyalty for yourself!

the Rapture shows us what QUALITIES the GOODS WE WANT to POSSESS and what is IMPORTANT to us, HELPFUL, NICE. it's a marker of what we want to be and what we value. Ask the man who and what delights him and you will understand what he values in people and to strive for himself.

For example, I want to look good and I see a stylishly dressed guy, while I myself do not pay sufficient attention to it, and don't feel like I look exactly as I would like, but it does. This is delightful, reminds me that it is important and interesting. I am inspired by and with great enthusiasm start to pay attention to this. Not always of course, but admiration played a role - gave me information about myself and motivation and how I use it is another question.

Ideal if the rapture really develops us and we gain enough motivation to take actions towards the desired effect.

If you go back to the example, a girl who has experienced admiration for a guy who does his wardrobe, body, etc.

And over time, she begins to have what used to called the rapture. And now begins to experience the satisfaction, pride to what it has become. I'm perfect and I real be something common.

next time when you experience the rapture, ask yourself:

what it inspires me?

what my values this reminds me of?

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