do you Have a friend or a loved one who needs the support and encouragement of others? br>

If he travels, he needs someone who will tell you how to get from point A to point B. He can't decide what to wear on the road or to bring on a trip. If you go with him, you have to take care of all the cooking and organize everything, including booking of tables in restaurants, car rent and booking of tickets. Without you or other helpers, such people are not able to take any action. All they care about is that their needs were met. br>

Interpersonal dependence has two parts: emotional and functional.

If emotional dependence people show excessive attachment to others, actively seek support and fear of separation (separation). Functional dependence implies passivity, social anxiety and self-doubt. br>

the People you know can seem clingy, if they have a high degree of emotional dependence, and unable to care for themselves and to control their actions, if their main style is a functional dependence.

What kind of dependence is typical for your partner?

Although the questionnaire is designed for self-assessment, you can use it as a rough but effective tool for assessing people with whom you interact. br>

the Questionnaire consists of six items. Read each one and rate yourself (or partner) on a scale from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (absolutely agree):

1. I must have near a person who is very special to me. br>

2. I feel lost when beside me there is no partner. br>

3. I need a partner, for which I will be the most important in the world. br>

4. I am more inclined to be led than leader. br>

5. I feel better when they know that they are in company with someone else. br>

6. I don't have the necessary qualities to become a good leader. br>

Items 1-3 reflect emotional dependency, and items 4-6 are functional. The maximum score for each scale is 15 points. br>

emotional based on averages are around 8 points and 11 points or more indicate a high degree. br>
When the functional dependence of the average score is 7 and the number of points in excess of 10 indicates severe functional dependence. br>

People who can't exist outside of a relationship and has never lived alone, belong to the type of emotional dependent. The expectation that others will tell them what to do, and the lack of leadership forms in humans, functional dependence. br>

the more independent your partner, the more you have to focus on other, more important aspects of your relationship.

Kupreykin Julia
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