What happens from a feeling of separation, of meaninglessness?

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Consciousness of the fruitfulness of labor is one of the best pleasures.

L. vovenarg

Work is my life's function. When I'm not working, I do not feel no life in her.

Jules Bern

I want death caught me in the middle of the works.


"we Need to put his life in such conditions that the work was necessary. Without difficulty can not be clean and joyful life."

Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich

Labor, by definition, is a conscious activity, which has a specific purpose. Product summary of creative activity and its result. The result, the purpose of productive labour should be made a valuable final product.

a Product is what people need, and it can be exchanged for any other product. A medium of exchange often serve as money. If a person or company produces a product, they do not survive or survive poorly, barely make ends meet. The exchange can occur not only through money, a different kind of exchange called natural. It is often seen in modern life in families. The husband earns - he made some of his product at the company, gets a salary, buys everything you need and brings it to the family. Its Valuable Final Product is provided in the security family. His wife is a housewife, makes Ironing a shirt, lunch, clean, cleaned the house, tended the younger children. All these products are highly demanded her husband. Between them constantly there is an exchange.

the Product must be valuable and complete, but above all it needs to be determined. When your product is identified, it becomes a goal which aligns life and makes the action conscious. Of the student parents expect homework. But he may think that the parents want him to do. Not doing is valuable, but it is the product that can be perceived by the senses – notebook with homework, learned the poem. A day for lessons is not the product. The student should know exactly what is expected of him, then ask him.

If you are someone's slave or even the child, you can expect that someone else will formulate for you, your product, call it. And you are really lucky if they made it and I will let you know. All you have to do it. But the responsibility of the adult to know at least your main product in order to have a solid confidence that he is in his place and doing its job. From this above its resistance and confidence.

If a person consumes and is not involved in the production, it internally treats this as a misdemeanor, feels as if the lack of balance to take-to give. You can often see how people try to somehow balance this discrepancy: someone goes to the disease, one begins to appease others, someone proves their exclusivity. But no, even the most subtle physical or moral dignity cannot be counteracted by a social "sin" of: participation in consumption without participating in production. The lack of production of product leads to degradation.you
Simply internally very ethical.

Miftahutdinova Elsa
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