At this stage, the client usually regresses deeper. And getting inside the "ugly duckling", that is, those small, defenseless, "weak", "stupid", "ugly", "incapable", "worthless", "guilty of everything" kid, how in childhood he was considered by the parents.

Stop therapy at this stage is to leave the client in the very poor perception of yourself and the eternal struggle, the desire to protect themselves from the attacks of negative internal figures.

And this fight will again be lost is the fact that the therapist refused such a "bad" client, and this means that this can not be, so you again have not accepted and will not accept never, someone like you, can't stand with someone like you, it is impossible to build relations and many more maximum catastrophic and negative projections and self-fulfilling prophecies into the future, destroying the hope of any prospects of non-traumatic relationship.

"No", "no", "never" in this case means not only the depreciation in order to avoid convergence with someone in the future, protection from another experiencing trauma, but the scale of the interior of the tragedy experienced in childhood, because it is the ratio of the primary and most important objects of the parents, was attitude all over the world.

And when another rejection and loss of a meaningful love object is superimposed on a state of maximum vulnerability, experiences maximum badness, identification with the most unacceptable and rejected aspects of the personality and personal qualities, preservation of self-worth, preservation of self, their self-esteem and due to this move of aggression and separating oneself from the traumatic object and maintain a stable and positive identity simply nothing to take.

Then the man loses the meaning of life, suicidal thoughts may appear, goes to social isolation, depressed with the prevalence of impairment and self-loathing, or rejection of both himself and the world: I'm bad and deserve how treated me, the world is good, but I have no place in it, or I am bad and the world is very bad, not worth it to interact with it, everything is meaningless.

a person might take a very long time to get a little back into that self-perception and self-perception he had prior to therapy.

this can Help in any areas of specialisation human and social role and identification that the person is taking, interpersonal relations, circle of friends, the person accept and see as it is objectively in the moment.

However, often this may not help, because the most negative identification labels and "knowledge" about itself, causing maximum pain, often apparent only to the person again and again reproduced only vnutripsihicheskoy.

But it is in the inner, directly living to the reality of the people most immersed and often said the only true.

And then, although sometimes a very long time, the person again begins to look for someone who will assume the projection of the ruthless internal shapes and will be the alchemical vessel, which will happen, finally, transformation and purification of our inner space from all the impurities and crystallization of our own self and his inexhaustible domestic resources. br>

Solomonova Maria
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