"did not want anything lately, no matter what the strength is not enough" is a topic that POPs up quite often in the consultations, and just being in touch. While the victims say that the internal energy "as if exhausted, strength gone nowhere" and restore fails.

I must say, not very pleasant. You can't do five cases a day, as could do it earlier, but what there five – you're tired, not having something to do. A special nuisance is the loss of the "taste of life" - takes the bright colors, everything is seen in shades of gray. Routine and monotony are exhausting and torturing its infinity.

What is the usual worldly way of "treatment" of such States (if this isn't about severe clinical cases of depression)?

Quite often this is a strong recommendation to rest. "You would leave on the sun lie", sorry we friend, girlfriend, or yourself. Definitely recommend the massages and all sorts of additional amenities - communicating with friends, walks in the woods, campfire songs or something different, based on the inclinations and passions of man. All these recommendations are fulfilled, but interestingly, the result does not occur the expected release of energy. The condition may slightly improve, but as they say those who are in it, the tidal forces and motivation for new challenges and victories does not occur. Moreover, coming back from vacation sometimes people will say that they are inconvenienced by the necessity of immersion in the habitual way of life.

There is another way we are trying to encourage each other – we remind obessively about important life challenges he faces. "You have children, it is necessary to focus on their education, put on the foot, no time to suffer!"or, "You are involved in such major projects where your iron will, come on, you can do it!"Lost interest in what is happening we are trying to help come up with new goals. We really believe at this point that the objectives will be to motivate and illuminate the way. To a certain extent this is true – a clear formalization of goals really organize person. But whether it will excite an interest, if relies on "must" and "should" rather than "want". But we are now about energy... about the drive...

So why am I all that...

in fact, energy and strength did not disappear, but they perenapravlenii in a different direction. it is important to remember not to lose hope again to find them. Instead be aimed at the development and transformation of external reality, the forces are directed inward. Thus, they are spent not on addressing external obstacles in achieving goals and overcoming obstacles inner. Of course, it happens unconsciously. And this is the essence of the internal conflict that is a clash of divergent desires, ideas and needs. Internal conflict is usually not recognized, but is experienced emotionally as a destructive condition. What are we talking about? In this case, the obstacle is a definite part of himself. As it is not sad sounds, but that of himself man and tries to suppress. Here in this point and is travelling to a psychologist or psychotherapist to clarify the contents of the internal inconsistency.

so an important part of yourself that seeks to be realized in the external world, is strongly suppressed (runs our mind, without conscious control, but because we don't understand what happens to the force). The complex mechanisms of suppression will not describe here, they can study the works of masters of psychology and psychotherapy. From a practical point of view, in my opinion, always it is important to remember how much work is done somewhere deep inside in order to outwardly maintain acceptable from the point of view of consciousness, a way of life.

Here lived a man, went to school, got a profession and is now happily working in their field in a good company, earning a decent salary. And everything is logical to develop in his life: the gradual increase in wealth (although maybe with loans, but a no growth), family, children, in General, all as expected. And then it covers the feeling of routine, of monotony, and that's unbearable already all of this day by day, the burst of emotion you want. Where is the internal conflict you ask? After all, the same man who wants to live and to have it all! Of course he does. It really is his desire. The question is, but only if it.... In other words, no matter he falls into apathy, that he did not live as he wants, but because the heart spends to suppress something very important and significant in itself, some part of his personality, with which not familiar, perhaps.

Not to the theme of a split personality I am, and the fact that many opportunities are given to us at birth, but the choices we make often in favor of something one. For example, in favor of a particular life scenario, and this scenario emerges a concrete image of behavior that should be followed to fit the scenario. And here is the trap myself a man drove, and slammed – everything! "Good mom" can't afford to be absent when the whole family is together, so no clubs, further education, etc. And then the main thing harder to push all those still emerging ideas about self-development, etc., in order to plunge quickly into a state of tired from all the difficulties of women.

Or another example. A young woman in marriage, is expecting her second child, complaining of depression, linking it with the expectation of a repetition of the monotonous everyday life on maternity leave. Marking on the hormonal changes in pregnancy that affect the emotional background and the issues are far from life with two small children (pending the permanent lack of sleep and homework hassles). Figure out how to organize everything to "did not fall hand". Gradually we leave the topic of relations with the husband... And suddenly boom! "And I'm probably not in love with him. In principle, these relations I do not want." She was surprised of his words, but what is important, straightened in the back and the view became clear, the mask of indifference and exhaustion gone from her face. And then went to energy, the active elaboration of the question, what kind of relationship you want and how this new model of relations is possible to build with her husband. How much forces have spent woman, however unwittingly, to suppress thoughts about the breakup! That's where I left her energy.

Another case. Discuss with an adult woman, the question of the relationship with her own mother. Suggests that the relationship is smooth, all the conflicts it has long been settled, with its own state describes as a feeling of powerlessness ("change mother, it is necessary to take it all in, and I took"). Very consciously the woman says that the views of people in old age do not change that it makes no sense to get moms to be heard, you just need to take this into account etc. But the "impotence"! That's what draws attention in her speech. Start working to find out what is there for this impotence .... And here it is the flow of energy – the emotions of anger, anger! Of course, to keep such strong emotions, you need a huge amount of energy, hence the helplessness. But now, releasing energy that you can channel it in a constructive way, i.e. to work on themselves, on the model of interaction with the mother, etc.

This is just three examples that show how awareness of their repressed part (personality, needs, emotions) to enable the state to increase the motivation to action, and in simple language, to awaken and revive.

Yes, this individual a difficult job to find and bring to light the fact that for a long time is contained in the farthest corners of the soul. Often this is SOMETHING THAT can be perceived by the person as unacceptable to his usual lifestyle, social status, self-image, which he presents to the world. And then the mechanisms of suppression operating at full power. At the same time, if you know that there is a source of life-giving forces that give hope for successful resolution of all does not seem so hopeless.

Yuliya Krasnova
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