Before you utter the phrase,"Forgive me," we live inside ourselves.
Numerous cards, poems, coming in different social networks and messengers talk about the virtual message and a different motivation: I apologize for the unintentional words that may hurt the other or just Express their attention to the Orthodox holiday, via a postcard telling the person,"You're important to me, I remember about you ..."

still, to speculate about a candid conversation with those who are dear to us.
"Sorry ..."
This is the word coming from the heart replaces a long conversation about the significance of a particular act.
Sincerely uttering it through the realization of their wrongs and remorse, we become slightly different.
Saying this word put in him all the fullness of the experience.
To come to the true moment of forgiveness of another, we do a lot of the way to yourself.
On this journey of discovery to understand deeper of what happened.
Situation for which we ask forgiveness was given to us for finding in your heart a greater love than we so far have shown to others.
Discovering and learning the book of wisdom at this stage, we learn to feel the world of each particle of the whole.
Scroll, as the film step by step look the part to the actions taken for each.
even the silence we recognize as the answer.
We offer the picture more fully and vividly in the soul when we begin to feel gratitude for the lesson.
Even wider horizons and vision when through thanksgiving feel love is universal, it touches our hearts.
Living these moments we realize that there are no coincidences, and in a state of complete acceptance begin to see the initially hidden from our consciousness the moments of truth.
each event has a logical chain of relationships.
And our wrong step caused pain, for which we ask forgiveness from another is a consequence of reasons, not always conscious.
When it comes to understanding what we at the time saw only a part of the big picture, then the process of purification and I want to say:"Forgive me!"
It's pronounced mentally, if the person is far away and there is no way to tell.
Aloud, looking into the eyes of someone you love,Yes, love!
Without the experience of the feeling of love will not be sincere forgiveness.
You forgive yourself and other, and the world begins to give all a greater sense of joy and happiness!
Forgive me, I love You!

Alduchov Sophia
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