We used to plan everything, to compartmentalize, to weigh. A sound, stable and peaceful life is the dream of many.

choose the "let small, but steady salary," a work that gives confidence in the future, the partner is predictable and dependable. So peaceful. It's easier there.

And what happens when for any reason the orderly, planned and balanced life is broken?

Suddenly goes bankrupt the firm where he worked for many years, cease to pay wages on time, leaves the family, the spouse, crumbling plans, violated the agreement.

the First reaction is shock. Denial. It just can't be. Why did this happen to me?

Then, many began to panic. An urgent need to do something. Anything but stand still, only move. Where - not so important. To do simply in order to cope with anxiety to regain control of the situation, to make life again measured and predictable.

Any way to cope with uncertainty. To fill the void. Ideally, immediately return everything to normal, so everything is "as before".

the Worst thing at this point you can do is immediately find a replacement for what went. To grab the first more or less suitable option.

When we are overwhelmed with emotions, we panic, worry and fuss we can't carefully and consciously to make decisions. Moreover, "as before" is definitely not. And it needs to understand.

what to do?

it is Extremely important to stop. Remember, any airplane - first put on the oxygen mask. To breathe. To feel, to think, to live the moment here and now.

to Realize that all this stability, for which you are so accustomed to stick - nothing more than an illusion. In fact, it never was. And never will be.

And the best thing you can do is to learn to live in this uncertainty. There are no guarantees. Exactly.

realizing this, you can understand that options much more than it seems at first glance. Feel that exactly where the imaginary ends certainty the real freedom.

Catherine of FACS
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