Oh, if my dream come true!
How life came to be then!
Ah, if dreams came true,
What is life then it would start!

Often in conversations you can hear thoughts on the subject. Ah, if only... And then the description of some cherished dreams. And it is that which can not be implemented in the near future.

Now, try to remember one of your great big dream. That about which thoughts are, if it will come true, it will be immediately a wonderful life. Close your eyes, imagine and secure all clearly formulated sentences "I have...(and here all about the dream)". Be in it. Now, open your eyes. Remember the life that you have now and try to enter into it all that was represented. br>
is it possible to join? Combine all the nuances of a new life that you are so near and dear here in the present? br>
If you go into the fine details, you can always find interfacing. br>
Here at this point arises the question: "am I ready to give up right now from what already is there in life?" br>
for Example, I want to live by the sea. If I'm ready to quit my job, friends, leaving friends and favorite places in order to live by the sea? br>
My answer is "No!".

In the imagination are replaced with only those fragments of reality that do not like, and everything else remains at the usual places.
In reality, changing one component, we change the whole picture of the world. br>
it is Difficult to give up what you already have in life, so loved and dear. This causes resistance to the actions aimed at the fulfillment of dreams. br>
So what is underneath that resistance? br>
My answer FEARS. br>
And everyone in each situation their fears. br>
Here I collected a few fears, hindering the fulfilment of a dream:

What if the "not worth it"?

the Disappointment in the dream... almost Sounds like disappointment in myself. br>
As if in advance the dream wrong. As if their desires are not worth their efforts. As if the fun to yourself in advance is wrong. As if living for myself is also wrong. br>
As if the disappointment has already happened. Even before the dreams. br>
So if disappointment passed, and you can try. If, nevertheless, disappointment is not new. And if not?

What if I fail?

Behind that question lies a lack of confidence in their abilities and even, perhaps, the shame of failure: "if I fail, others will think I'm a weakling." br>
I in such cases always helps one single thought "but I tried." br>
it is Possible for life to pomuchatsya in doubt, "what if...", and you can see the result and get experience on the basis of which, even in case of failure, you can make new plans and dreams. You can see your weak areas and take them into account in future implementations.

Suddenly I turn away from a close?

still, the person is a social individual, not cool. Remembering Maslow's hierarchy of needs, needs of belonging and need for recognition going forward need for self-expression. In simple words: to be needed by someone more important than you realize yourself as a person. Therefore, the fear of being rejected by their environment occurs every time man makes a step in the development of his personality. br>
There is a certain level specified by the environment. When a person comes to the top mark and realizes that has a desire to continue to grow, it stops, what, breaking the fence, it'll leave behind and all that he has now, including close friends, who may not follow him, and besides also to blame for "obscene" behavior. br>
to Outgrow your surroundings, it's like to outgrow your teacher (in a sense, it's true). In this situation, will inevitably have to face disappointment, but this does not mean that the "teacher" will never accept you for who you are.

How to live without a dream?

One of the existential realities of human existence is meaningless. There is no one single meaning of life on this planet, so each person has to search for them yourself. And the dream just might become a kind of great meaning, to which man will strive all my life. In this case, the dream will lead to the loss of meaning of life. br>
In understanding that every himself up with the meaning a great advantage – you can always invent new ones.

what is it??

martsenyuk Anastasia
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