it Often happens (but we take with you, again, the sex, the relationship outlived its usefulness). Sometimes this happens fairly quickly, sometimes after several years of marriage.

To us, family psychologists, psychotherapists and sexygam, customers are treated as sexual subjects, and the problem of personal relationship with their sexual partner. What's special and what we need to consider?

If you have 2-3 years together, the level of hormones returns to normal, the honeymoon ends, then all is probably more relaxed. And further, all depends on the principles on which the relationship is over.

And us, or it is no longer exciting then before. Out the brightness, and comes commonplace.

Revealing here is an example of my client from Moscow who decided her husband to "warm up" your hot MMS image, and dropped the image of their genitals.

I ask: how? She says: excellent!

- And then what? "well, again, dropped... the second time..."

- what? – "nothing, the same nothing changes...."

What to do in this situation? – Work on relationships, and again, pill simple. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand that all changed. I note the practice of the psychologist-the sexologist that not everyone is willing to change the situation. Some come to talk with a specialist: family psychologist, psychotherapist, or sexologist, and with the idea that nothing changes, leave.

There is one feature that the promise to "work on relationships" is not always by women, but most often from them, because and divorce, the woman takes more than a man.

And in sex, if something does not suit, the lady herself is trying to diversify sex, because the prerogative to play with dolls, goes by the woman: to dress up, dress up, play some roles are more often female. A man, especially if he was a few years in a relationship takes a more passive stance. Often lies on the sofa, and are satisfied, including no sex, quite a fit. They are already so accustomed to, and adapted to the situation, because, often, men more primitive in their sexual performance.

They, over time, nothing you want to portray. Have sex. He realizes himself, and that's enough.

Therefore, in this situation of problematic sex, you need to know: who is not satisfied with the situation. And if us women do not need to say: "go and do something..."

That you have it, it is unlikely that spodvignet. Take themselves the initiative in their hands, and do what you would like. Or all remains as is.

by the Way, we, sexologists, therapists, and family psychologists, knows that when a woman does something for herself, improving sex, the man agrees, "Yes, indeed, it was better and more interesting", and endorses the woman's behavior, but to personal initiative often does not come, except men with strong sexual Constitution who are interested in sex and sexual experiments.

that's all I would like you today to announce.

I want you all at the next webinar on the topic of choosing a partner and creating a happy relationship. The details of the upcoming webinar on the portal "b-17" in the section "Webinars".

see you there! #anorgasmia #vaginismus #impotenceerectile #erectiledysfunction #seksologov #frigid #psykologexamen #sintratelecartagena

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