What if it's "the happiness Letter"?


have you Ever ever receive "Letters of happiness"?

these are the messages that go out on social media and coming sometimes users servers instant messaging. The man of destiny who will receive a happy letter, will find in it a call (and sometimes demand!) distribute, in whatever became of the copy of the message to its neighbors. Will not do in this letter and without the threat will not spread, you can expect trouble, or at least leave hope for a possible wonderful future.

I Remember as a child I found these letters in your mailbox. Then it was handwritten texts that you had to personally rewrite carefully, and then send by mail, at least forty letters. I, an adult, still remember the fear that little Julia, a kind of fear, from which on a body ran a disturbing goosebumps: you know how easy it is to scare the kid a weird, out of nowhere came the message. I didn't copy any of this letter, although very afraid and worried. Calm then come back to me immediately, the fear for some time has made itself felt.

Now, when I receive such letters in the messenger or up again I then have nothing but sympathy to the address of the sender.

Who is sending "Letters of happiness" and what to do about it?

I understand that such letters send people are superstitious and disturbing. But whose victims these people become? What is the purpose of the author of the message?

Initially, these letters were sent with intent of prayers, sermons, and various propaganda leaflets.

For what they write now, and what to do if we received such a letter?

Think about the motives of the sender. What could be guided by the author of the absurdities and nonsense that ruined your mood? Maybe he's just a Joker? Maybe he's mentally ill?

on the Internet "chain letters," unable to send spammers and hackers. Consider then that you got a simple e-waste or computer virus - in other words, the virtual stuff. No grief, no happiness. And here's why:

for the money, it is necessary, at least – to work.

to be healthy, it is best not to eat fast food, not to smoke, not to drink. And, you can remember that exercise is not forbidden.

To with family was in order, should at least not to wag their nerves and do something to the extent of their modest possibilities to take care of them.

And in order not to lose all friends, very little is required in the kindness, sensitivity and respect for personal boundaries.

Try to imagine yourself as a vile, evil, quarrelsome, greedy and drunken! If you can help, poor fellow, in this case, "the happiness letter"?

be aware that fear is not a feeling which contributes to normal, healthy performance that we want.

Wish happiness to the sender and hit divide. Remember that the fulfillment of our desires in our hands.

Why write about this now?

Yes, because now he has discovered another batch of letters in the messenger. And all from strangers. There was ponapisyvali me any of your nonsense with promises of happiness! Pressed "forward" and sit, imagine that you made happy yourself and everyone around you, without effort.

How do you like these masterpieces of Internet communication? How you react to them?

If the self is not able to get rid of fear, get rid of superstition come to me for a Skype consultation

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