What if perfectionism alienates the dream in never?

many of us know what they want in their lives. And this is often very different from what is in the present day, so that was as you want you need to make the effort.

However, it appears that in General people  knows what he wants, but it doesn't get easier and more burdens, hurts. As the background of his dreams, realizes that not doing anything to achieve the dream. And appear dissatisfaction, self-blame, and a sense of insignificance.

In the end come to the following:
- someone refuses dreams, though, and had never dreamed of,
- someone starts to hate those who have it is, and say that they were lucky, but I do not
- someone immersed in a dream, and turns into an endless dreamer, he lives virtually in the virtual world: the world of his dreams;
- someone comes to thoughts, what if you don't start doing something, then nothing will change and starts to do things.

According to observations from practice, perfectionism often is the reason that the actions are deposited in the drawer, or while the cock in the ass does not bite.

Perfectionism in such cases greatly limits the possibility of action:
-I don't know enough!
- I have no experience!
- not enough customers!
- and if you get it wrong?
- and if they don't like?
- what will people say?
- and if failure?
- I'm not Mature enough for this?
This is only a small part of the thoughts that fill the mind of the perfectionist.

And if the additives have a bad experience of any of the undertakings, fears and low self-confidence to move forward is almost impossible. Arises the painful sense of powerlessness.

Either perfect or nothing - road to dreams not fulfilled. This is worth remembering always. But, if every day to do the same thing, though not perfect, it could soon become a Pro in this matter.

you Can talk about the reasons and the processes, but people are always concerned with the question: " but to do what?"
the Solution to this situation is. To do here and now all I can do for my dreams. Even if not perfectly, but to do without evaluating the obtained results, and with praise for what you just did (it's really a great achievement). Thus reducing demands on the result, reduced tension, and is not destructive effect on self-esteem, and even feeds her positively that I can, and I hoo.

And if the points seem to be difficult, just break them into smaller ones that are easily accomplished. These steps can be done right in this minute (to open Google and see the information, data, post ads, etc.). I can do that, and does not impose on me a great burden of responsibility. The perfectionist and so a lot of responsibility, so unconsciously could to avoid it. Why it is so important to give yourself the opportunity to do something a little bit, not perfect and not the result, but every day.
after a short period of time, believe me, you will meet a decent material for a good job, certainly will choose from.

you can Still ask yourself the question, what's so important in my life now that I don't  move on, for which I so stubbornly hold on, and afraid to lose in the future, when the dreams:
- peace
- stability
- family
- the value of his sacrifice for the benefit of others, or something.
If we are in these circumstances, we is why you need something. And every person is why its. In the consultations, often with clients we find these anchors. In a detailed analysis, come to the conclusion that it is possible to obtain in the future, just in other way. Then the need to stay in one spot disappears by itself, and there is an inner resolution and ease to the actions .

separately, too all works, but in combination the effect is much brighter. Now write a plan out of the swamps "the unrealized dream":
1. know where they go and what they want
2. see the way, he's not complicated and intuitive,
3. I can do the position right now anything to get closer to the goal
4. understand why I'm holding on now, and it is solved in my future, but in other ways.
And Your locomotive called the success will not stop just.

Everything is in Your hands, and You're capable of, I know. And if in doubt, just sign up for a consultation at direct. I know how to help You.

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