What if we are afraid of the unknown future?


Life was a provocation, a paradox, she always engages us in the process of meetings and partings, beginnings and endings, where we periodically come to the line, to the door behind which the unknown. We often freeze in front of the door of fear to open it, because there is something trying to turn back to the past and what would it have been for us, its beauty is that it is familiar and known, and thus to some extent "safe". In other words familiar," safe", not familiar- "dangerous",so our mind interprets the unknown.

Why are our children afraid of the dark? Because in the dark carousing imagination begins to create your pictures and if you have fears, what fears run through fantasies imagination. Occurs projection fears how to create a hologram from the unconscious storage. In the end, the kids watch "movie" of their fears manifested by means of acquaintances(interaktiv) images, which try to live through a meeting with them, anxiety and tension are huge, impossible to relax and sleep..

Intreccia (from lat. intro — inside and lat. jacio — throw, put) — an unconscious psychological process relating to the mechanisms of psychological protection. Introject is a popular concept among the psychoanalysts and Gestalt therapists, indicating an inauthentic desire: a desire that does not have internal roots and inserted person someone to outsiders. The inclusion of the individual in his inner world he perceived from other people's views, motives, attitudes. Intreccia in its simplest and earliest psychological defense formed early in childhood and which we use throughout his life.

We are just like our kids inside, we are exactly projected on its future that "the little dark room of childhood," at the same time fearing and desiring, with this unknown to meet. Our pictures consist of introjective and fears, we fear what we wish and we wish, what we fear, what they want and afraid to face what lived want, to get rid of. Going through the fear instilled by someone else and find your own, replace alien its is very scary, because we don't know yet.

What do we do when we enter the room to the child who is afraid that in the dark? Turn on the light, show that in the room there is nothing extraneous, and alien are all familiar and native that reassure baby and help him to dissolve the fears. With him you can do the same, "turn on the lights" in the space where fear is off the charts and enter this space after seeing your hologram through projectii and intracta.

to Accept them as his own creation, acquainted with them and realize their objectives through basic questions: whose you are, who you generated, what is your job what you I cook, what's your help me? To thank them for the dialogue, take their message and release the past as have served in the past.

the Paradox is that all that is in us, our and it turns out that nothing is unknown to us in the us. I knew it well past where we were just afraid to get close, those dark corners of consciousness and sub-consciousness, to awareness, which we simply didn't have the resources. As soon as we entered into dialogue with the hologram, it ceases to be, becoming a clear, recognized, known and understood, and all that is not secret to us, loses its negative charge and the inflated value.

Becoming known to us, it becomes our helper, the coordinates of the system, focusing on where we can go further with a map through unknown terrain. At the level of high spiritual development, people are not afraid of the unknown future just because you know, we actually always repeat the experience already lived, just different sides and at different levels. Well-studied and the lessons learned are repeated to improve skills, bad lessons, like the second time in the same level of error correction. So just "roll up our sleeves", working on material for passing it, just rowing in the boat of life, knowing that this is the norm - take place in the dark corners, to illuminate the lantern space, solve problems, and make an effort, not always physical, but emotional, moral, volitional, and spiritual.

So when you are very afraid of the future, in a way, "be like children", treat yourself like a child in a dark room, without scaring and ignoring his increasing torture and the production of courage the dark, and talk with them including light, through warm and sincere conversation with myself, calm myself and accept myself, like, having a support. After a time, that Scarecrow dissipate like fog and you can go forward. Take care of yourself, speak to yourself and listen to yourself, know that you can help yourself.

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