What injured with trauma?


the Definition of mental injury.

If You start to examine what the psychic injury, the first thing you see – this division into mental and psychological trauma. So, psychological injuries do not exist, only trauma, trauma – it is a pseudoscientific term that replaces the older "inferiority complex".

If You search the definition of mental injury on the Internet, You will find many definitions starting with:
"PS.trauma – harm…”, and then a lengthy discourse on the subject, what's the harm and why.
“SS.injury – this is…”, and then about the pathogenic effects of this situation.
“SS.trauma is an experience, psychological experience…”, such definitions already at least close to the description of the process of getting psychological trauma.

I did not find in Internet any sensible definition of mental injury, so I decided to make a clarification. Will continue to deal with the understanding of psychological trauma on the example of physical injuries. When injury or fracture is a violation of the integrity of the tissues, that is, trauma – it is always the destruction, to a greater or smaller scale. What is destroyed by trauma? Perhaps the psyche?

Psyche – this is a subjective perception and reflection of reality in human consciousness. Whether to collapse the display of reality? In General, almost so, with trauma the damage is applied that provides the ability to display the reality of… Suffering “the continuity of I”.

Continuity of perception of self – a necessary condition for mental wellbeing when we talk about mental integrity, we mean the continuity of its identity. You are aware of yourself now and know that 20 years ago it is also You, throughout your life you perceive your self continuously. When trauma occurs the space, the life is divided into “to” and “after”, you can often hear the wording “not as happened to me”, and many of my customers generally do not remember even adolescence is not what childhood is, because the psyche tends to displace the traumatic event.

Thanks to the continuity of perception of their “I” the person formed a positive self-identity is the key to a coherent picture of the world and adaptive reactions that result in psychological trauma it suffers from the identity of the person, and neurotic reactions – this is a consequence.

Abstracts about trauma.

- the Mental trauma caused by the impact of extreme events or long-term crisis situations.
- Not every exposure will result in a traumatic response.
- Extreme situations can be divided into natural, technological and man-made, anthropogenic extreme situations, the most traumatic.
- the Essence of psychological trauma in the destruction of positive self-identity.
- Any trauma happen only when there is a component of guilt. Guilt bothers to respond with healthy emotions. A natural reaction to danger and threat is aggression and fear.
- no matter How hard the situation, we can avoid mental injury, if we act emotions and will be able to perceive the situation holistically and realistically. But it always takes time.
- About the reality of injury is not possible, we ranima only illusion. Yes, in the world there are horrible things: war, attack, murder, disaster, but we don't traumarama even about the cruel reality of this world, if we are able to preserve without distortion the perception of "I".

Therapy trauma.

Many of us have heard of the phenomenon of flashbacks - involuntary memories-flashes of traumatic events. This is not a pathological symptom, but an attempt of the psyche heal itself.

similarly, in the treatment of mental injury can be cured by the method of narrative - multiple playback and repetition of the traumatic situation.
the Goal is to restore the full picture in mind. This will help to "get out of the trauma", "do not dive into it" again at the slightest memory.

The narrative techniques a lot of nuances and rules that are important to observe in the treatment, to avoid RE-traumatization, so it's best not to try to solve the problem independently, and to seek professional help.
the Information presented here solely for the purpose of acquaintance!
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