What is a Treasury of happiness?


What is happiness? A definite answer to this question is no. Everyone understands it differently. For some, happiness — is comfortable housing, a car; others are happy with what we have a lot of friends; others dream of visiting abroad, and the fourth will say happiness — a strong, happy family.

Regardless of the fact that different people means happiness on a global scale, each nevertheless agree that there are happy moments, small portions of happiness that you want to keep for yourself, to be able to return to them again and again when you want to cheer yourself up.

a Moment... One, two, three seconds... and then the moment for us in the past. And "now" still lasts. One, two, three, four seconds... and what we began to observe the "now" — already in the past. How long for us now? — A few seconds? And then turns into a moment of our past. How to preserve these happy moments for the present and the future?

Sometimes you are happy the anchor is created by themselves. For example, if pleasant important meeting, left a bright trace in life, accompanied by music even when the melody sounds after five, ten and even fifty years, it can plunge into the world of pleasant memories, sensations and images. The perfume of the beloved girl is also able to become a happy anchor and return to a pleasant experience. Read during elation book is able to immerse in a productive state when re-reading, pulling out of depression.

Perhaps such spontaneously formed the anchor could be called a spontaneous piggy banks happy. Some piggy happiness are created spontaneously, in order to appear other, you need to make certain efforts. This piggy Bank can be a diary. No ordinary diary and special, which is conducted by the special rules. In psychology, this diary called "Diary of Pythagoras" or "a Diary of miracles". Probably, it is assumed that the great philosopher kept a diary in that way. This diary records only those events that are perceived as joyful and pleasant. Event can be any scale, all noticed an interesting, attractive around, has the right to be listed in this diary. For example, the day started with the fact that the beloved is finally closed over a tube of toothpaste! After several months of continuous struggle, belief and, perhaps, even threats! And today he did it without any reminders — this event can certainly be made in the diary wonders. Or in the bus on the way to work the conductor, handing you a ticket, smiled. This is a good start to the day, it's worth noting in the diary. This diary encourages us to notice and celebrate the good moments in the ordinary at first glance, things and incredibly uplifting.

Great help to keep the mood pleasant moment of different things, reminiscent of a pleasant pastime. Applets, if we are talking about the play, or some kind of performance, which was valuable and interesting in itself or because you would like to preserve the memory of the man, the former next to you at the moment. A menu of restaurants and cafes, invitation cards, left in a purse or being invested in books and specially prepared for this purpose boxes, are also doors to the world of pleasant memories and experiences. Who of us do not ever discover in the old paper invitation to the prom, to freeze for a few minutes with a happy smile on her face, lost in the prom excitement, expectation and anticipation, the feeling of openness of all roads?

Moms often collect different reminders of the infancy and childhood of his beloved child: from birochki from the hospital and finishing well school crafts and works. How much enthusiasm and fun memories experienced together cute and humorous events can give such a box decades later! But if it is the first notebook with phrases and words, the pleasure of owning such a relic is hard to overestimate. Of course, speaking of a happy piggy Bank not to mention photo albums. It was the picture in the album that can stop a beautiful moment, almost in the full sense of the word. Unfortunately, with the spread of digital technology, we are less likely to print photos, to fix, to make visual, touching (those you can touch) memories of happy memorable moments.

so, a Treasury of happiness can be anything. There is a more or less traditional ways to store pleasant memories. The most important thing here — the ability to see beauty and wonderful all around and the desire to preserve for themselves and for others memories and impression from these meetings and observations.

Berdnikova Anna
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