an Insecure woman will be constantly doubting yourself and your partner. She thinks he's cheating with everyone, because deep inside she does not believe that deserves to be truly loved and remained loyal.

Unsure of  the woman will be more controlled it is the fear of losing your man, not love for him. She will regularly check where he is and what he is doing now.

But what about trust? And how long  this woman should still be able to be in such constant psychological stress? And how long can it all to withstand her man, constantly assuring her of his love and faithfulness ..?

After all, if the partner gives reason to doubt him, so why to look for those reasons alone?  Indeed, "he who seeks will find,"…  But isn't it better to at least try  a little to let go of constant control and to trust in your man, especially if he has already proven that he can really trust.

an Insecure woman,  will try to adapt , to be "quiet, discreet and comfortable" and behave as in its opinion would have liked a man.  After all, she's just not sure that it can accept and love for who she already is and so it be such, what in its opinion, it needs to be to please and to "earn" love.

an Insecure woman will constantly look for approval of themselves and all of their actions, but at the same time, wait for some to catch others. Because of this, it almost never feels calm and relaxed. After all, a woman only do that analyzes all conversations and actions that have to it any relation.

Yes, being insecure is very difficult personally as you and those with you in a relationship.  So maybe we should start to change something in your life? Try even small steps, but change for the better every day. To become more relaxed and confident, because you really are beautiful and unique!

Your beauty is in your eyes, voice, turning his head, the smile in your soul and your heart. Remember that you can praise, what you are proud of and differ from all the others. Every morning tell yourself how much you love yourself and accept who you are.

I Believe that you certainly will succeed. Well, if something does not work independently, a good psychologist can always get a little help. Good luck to you!

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