Trying to explain to someone what it is, I often felt a sense of dissonance. Like a simple thing - a method which helps to achieve the goal, but it felt sometimes a complete misunderstanding of the reaction is zero... Like efficiency, power, the use of this method is undoubted, but the interest of the people he calls rare...

But recently thought, maybe not quite that simple thing? If the person did not know the phenomenon such as Tree - he would not have been able at least approximately to represent this object, even if he has to talk about it, draw it and show myself... he does at least need to know what this plant...

what is the complexity in the understanding of coaching.

Coaching is a way to think successfully! And before you touched the sacred understand, what is "successful thinking" is "thinking loser" ( and, for example, still think that the whole reason - destiny or fate, this phenomenon will seem incomprehensible. In other words, to understand "successful thinking" only at least to some extent "successful thinking."

In our culture is a new phenomenon. Like anything new, it creates distrust, fear, irritation, well, different emotions and relationships. A willingness to use coaching in our society is minimal. Although very large companies in our country for 20 years successfully using the coaching as the practice of development of people and organizations, for many, this opportunity has simply not opened. People know very little about this tool. But coaching could be incredibly helpful in the organization of business and in building his personality. When I advise couples, conduct group sessions, advise on education or work individually coaching allows me to be consistent, to stay in the topic request, ask useful questions. So I pass this knowledge, algorithms, strategies in group art therapy and consultations. And it turns out to be very useful!

will Try to formulate, what exactly use:

  • the Development of independence and responsibility. You stop to complain, to feel sad and upset when you can't do something and sit down to read my problem.
  • as you are working on your problem by asking yourself the right questions and answering them - your problem is gradually becoming a task. You feel like growing your faith in yourself and your self-esteem! A pleasant feeling, you know ..
  • While you learn independence, responsibility, problems become challenges, you learn the magic of small steps, gradually adjusting their lives to the well-being and quietly formed a new way of thinking! All of these algorithms skills can penetrate into the unconscious and become a part of you. That's what "thinking loser" becoming a "successful thinking" .

isn't that Great!

While you're doing it yourself! You don't give tips you don't "eat" interaktiv, no one will knock down your own internal settings (that's why I directly love this method!).

With the help of coaching you can make a choice to find the correct (for you and your situation) solutions, to find effective ways to move towards what you want to learn self-organization. If you're a parent you can teach the child to organize themselves, their time, to build up the educational process. If you are a Manager coaching do for you the essential thing. Using this method you can establish personal and professional life, any area of life!

I'm not an expert in this field. I'm only in the beginning. But I am so in love with this method that I want to continue to develop in this direction and to share our discoveries with you! The most interesting and useful will be put here

Join us, write comments and share your experience!

Estocin Eugene
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