Good afternoon,  evening, morning dear reader. How to describe what is coaching?

For me the issue still remains unresolved.  At first glance it's something magical,  unknown. On the other hand is a trendy and popular destination.  Russia even has a comic song with a mention of coach. Maybe thanks to this song I decided to go for this training. However as it turned out that it said absolutely nothing in common with the system of professional coaching.  But now not about it.

When people ask me what I do, what services I offer.  Always difficult to explain.  Say  “I help people…” or “I received the certified professional coach” or “I was trained at the American Academy”… all is not sound. How to tell a man from an entirely different area of knowledge, what is coaching and what it is valuable for everyone?...

In his work on elevating speech I have thrown some options. And want to thank the Academy for such a tool.  so  what I got:

“I am a life coach. I help people to achieve their dreams. This technique is for those who want to be richer, skinnier, more spiritual, who are willing not just to dream and wait for the next Monday, and who is ready to act. Thanks to the proven system of coaching people breaks down barriers. Berry Fowler, the founder of the school helped children 36 hours to develop an annual curriculum on the subject. An additional advantage of this system is that there is harmony between all areas of life: relationships, career, health.… Is a powerful high-quality pumping system life. Maybe it sounds pompous and unreal, but it works”. It's true it came out a little more than 30 seconds. But  can always be cut to the required format.

I recently tested the speech in action. When my friend asked what I do, I said the following: “I help people when they want something to achieve, change  in my life, but all the time waiting for the next Monday. Or when you realize that  their lot in life is not satisfied, but can't figure out what. This is the hour of the meeting,  1 time per week, for which man gets a clear picture of the action”. This is how it sounded. Then my friend asked if there was any result from this, and I gave an example from my teaching practice with the client. When she was able to announce a price for their services and took the advance. What  independently  could not do for 9 months of freelancing.  Then my friend raised the question: “Unless people themselves do not understand? Can't?”. But do not  everyone can do what they want and what  they plan to. And this process of laying may be delayed for months or even years. There are examples and I, among the inner circle. When a person says that you should do it, says repeatedly and to different people. Moreover, there is a specific object, activity, and even the idea how to implement it.  What is missing? I think the first step. Moreover, this postponement does not bring him any facilities or benefits, but rather causes stress.

What else can you say about coaching:

Coaching is the deep motivation that creates the correct positive attitude that inspires a person for the operation, which gives strength and confidence that everything will work out.

Coaching is an international practice that combines many techniques and methods from the sphere of psychology. However, it is not counseling in its pure form.  the Difference is primarily in the fact that coaching is not meant to work with deep problems of identity. Coaching helps you move forward, the direction vector is not back to the past of the person, and forward to a bright future.

What is coaching through the eyes of a psychologist. I am an experienced psychologist with an experience of over 15 years. I am an experienced business coach. What can I say as an expert in the field of psychology and education. The techniques used in the coaching system are not new. Methods of adjustment and mirroring is also known to many, not even psychologists. What then is coaching? This alloy universal psychological techniques and exercises. What do you mean universal? Is such equipment which is suitable for most clients and for most situations. I want to add that these techniques do not require special equipment or printouts or some additional  the purchase of equipment. It is definitely a huge plus of this approach. If I learned something new as a professional - no. Many of the suggested, I use it and even teach others these approaches and skills. Coaching practice just built these techniques in a sequence. This is a huge plus of this method.

In fact, the profession of coaching is psychology.  Fortunately, people are unprepared to give clear instructions, and they can't hurt, if they follow the rules.

so, if you start to sum up,  what is coaching:

  • help people
  • the Way of motivation and encouragement of the client
  • the long-Awaited achievement of the result
  • Positive emotions in the process
  • the Ability to determine growth points
  • Alloy generic techniques
  • Psychological techniques and exercises
  • Clear structure for the management of the client
  • Mesocenozoic on the coach to the client solutions

in General, it's a great and exciting process! The client comes to insight a coach too, for your insights. It's cool! The main thing that the flow of customers was continuous.

And I want to speculate a little about specialization.  everyone has their tendencies and strengths. For example, we have three psychologists, all three of them not one year worked in the same company, just in different cities. We all performed the same action method. We equally evaluated. Nevertheless, each has its own interest in this professional activity. One deals with helping couples in difficult situations. The other prefers the child-parent relationship. I don't close neither. I see myself in business consulting, in teaching business communications. How, then, do I call myself? I'm a coach, which can be useful in matters of regulation of emotional state, ability to solve arising conflicts, so that the second side was simply fascinated by the delicacy. I know how to create a team from a dispersed crowd casually gathered on a single occasion. I understand the psychology of lying, business etiquette, communicating with people with disabilities, interaction, and children of all ages and elderly ladies and gentlemen. What am I then? How to call short this coach? The business – coach, coach - Profiler (Russian people do not understand), the coach – leader, coach organizer, coach – Manager, coach –man marker, a coach, a psychologist (perhaps a psychologist - coach),  and even better prokopchennye psychologist! But seriously. Organizational psychologist - coach. Yes, it is probably the most succinct and accurate definition. I am an organizational psychologist, coach. 

 Professional coach by the American coaching Academy (FIA) , Vyalkov Tatiana

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