What is derealization and depersonalization?


Derealization called the emergence of the feeling of unreality of the events occurring around "isolation", "alienation" from external events. Talking about depersonalization comes with the feeling of unreality of what is happening inside a patient.

These two concepts are rarely independent disorder. Most often, they symptoms appear anxiety or panic disorder. Some scientists believe that derealization is a defense mechanism of the human psyche, designed to save lives in the event of a deadly threat. It concerns a rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, the emergence of feelings of fear and panic that occur due to the discharge of adrenal epinephrine.

Derealization is also a protective function. A study conducted in Western Europe revealed that about 50% of people facing event, traumatic psyche in later life have experienced the symptoms of derealization. This is confirmed by the stories told by the people who are in a stressful situation and described the experience as: "I thought it not happening to me, and a dream."

In the moments that carry a lot of stress to the body, the human psyche has the ability to "shut down" from the experiences that are potentially dangerous. So it seems that what is happening with these events is like a dream, and it is only by watching them, but not a direct participant. Here is:

Derealization and depersonalization is not dangerous to mental health as an independent phenomenon.

This is a mechanisms to protect the psyche when it is necessary to "shut down" from strong feelings.

Symptoms of derealization can be determined by such sensations as the appearance.

"haze" or "veil" in the head;

feeling as if the signals coming from the outside world, slow down and arrive with a considerable lag;

the detachment of the observer from the reality and the perception of it as a film;

the lack of emotional response to a favorite subjects, things, entertainment;

the General condition, in which there is a strong feeling that life passes like a dream.

Symptoms of depersonalization are characterized by such sensations as the appearance.

feeling the dullness of the world;

"dullness" emotions and feelings;

the sense in which the self is seen as something unreal, shadowy and "uncertain.

These States are observed together and the researchers to combine them into one in his work. It is human nature, aware of the world around us, going from the outside to pass information through the internal perceptions, creating a single concept, picture or image.

Paximadia Victoria
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