What is existential psychotherapy?


I work in the existential approach, as well as continue training in this direction. Many potential clients often ask, what is the existential approach in psychology that the designation is distinctive and how it works. Those who are fluent in foreign languages, he knows that existence is existence in English. But not everything is so simple!

EXISTENCE (lat. exsistentia — existence) — one of the basic concepts of existentialism, meaning a way of being of the human person. For the first time in this sense, the term "Existence" is used by Kierkegaard.

Personally, I really like what explanation put James Bugental, however who else but he could give a complete, clear definition of existential, existential-humanistic psychology.

"... When we say existential we point to the fact of our existence, our being. The difference, to really live or play the recording (life script, a pattern, a template, for example to copy how live with your parents 1), so to speak. When we truly live, we are open to your life. We understood and accepted fact of our existence. The word humanistic - speaks of our conviction that each person has more opportunities for wealth and fullness of life, as well as to address a broader range of tasks than he used to think. A combination of the same existential-humanistic means a positive Outlook on each person, how each person lives his life." James Bugental.

And so, in ekzistentsiya approach is an important part of the basic conflict lies in the confrontation of man with the ultimate realities existence: death, freedom, isolation, meaninglessness. This is an attempt of the client and the therapist to help the first to analyze how it answers the existential questions of life, and try to review some of the answers to make his life more authentic and thus more sales.

Reality is what we have been given and what cannot be avoided. Existential Givens – always exist in two dimensions – the conscious and the unconscious. Consciously we can say, for example, on death, to call a spade a spade, but unconsciously we build a barrier of protection and denial. Little to say, it is important to live, confront. br>

Confront to be face-to-face someone or something, not dodging and avoiding it.

I can be myself only if ready to defend its own existence.

it's very simple: we don't have to do anything to be what you really want to be; instead, we should just be truly ourselves and more widely aware of their existence. br>

I am alive only in the process of my being. I can't find their Genesis in what you do, what achieve, what titles I have, that others think and say about me. I truly exist only in moments of awareness, feelings, choices and actions. So I can't see my Genesis, because I have a vision and all I see cannot be me. I — vision, movement, awareness. br>

1 (author's note)

Julia Bugrova
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