in Recent years, much is said and written about femininity. The training is for the development of femininity was not seen except by someone who doesn't go online.

What femininity really is. Femininity, pardon the tautology, it's just a collection of feminine qualities, or rather qualities inherent in women. I.e., we are all feminine. And other to be we just can't.

In different cultures and at different times, the criteria of femininity had significant differences. And now, they can be quite different even in remote regions of the same country. Think for example, how does a modern liberated American woman, Arab woman in hijab, and the Israeli military with a machine gun at the ready. Thinking about it, it is not very clear to what the ideal destination for those who are trying to develop this very "feminine".

If the ideals of feminine appearance is nothing is clear, try to deal with traits.

One of the definitions that I found online, reads:

"Femininity is an ethical category, denoting a set of qualities that you expect from a woman: tenderness, emotion, loyalty, sincerity."

I bet for each item. It is unclear why the tender, emotional, faithful and sincere, cannot be the man. In addition, I was very confused by the word "expect". Who exactly is waiting? Men? Children? Other women? All, or only some? It is also unclear whether to consider me feminine if I, for example, unemotional, or the wrong husband.

on the Internet there are hundreds of definitions of femininity, and they are all in varying degrees of absurd, and most of them are a bit sexist. One of them says: "the Ability to have children, biological gender, the menstrual cycle is the only universal feminine traits". Here sorry! If a woman, because of health problems, may not have children or she has no menstruation, she becomes unfeminine? Absurd.

What nonsense did not write the authors. Someone thinks that femininity is a stylish haircut and fragility, and someone is sure that long hair and curvaceous hips. In General, you cannot please everyone.

to Be feminine is to be a woman. All!

If you still worried about her femininity, try to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Why I become more feminine?
  2. who I want to become more feminine?
  3. What are my evaluation criteria of womanhood?
  4. How do I know that I already did?

If you can honestly answer all the questions, it may be that you just want to be loved and cherished, and that's another problem.

Let everything that you will come true, my dear, the most feminine in the world, woman!

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Rosina Elina
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