What is frustration?


have you Heard ever the word "frustration," "to frustrate today"? In fact, it is a psychological term, describing very clearly the emotional state and feelings of a person in a determined moment in time...

Answer his questions, using the category "yeah, was" "no, not there"

  • if you were Nervous, something didn't work out as you planned?
  • whether or not the satisfaction of needs aroused a greater desire to meet her?
  • is it possible that the failure of a loved one to kiss you even more eager to get it quickly?
  • Imagine: you are waiting for a response, which is not. Whether to grow the strain of expectation with each passing hour?
  • have you Experienced the sense of futile expectations?

If at least one question you answered Yes, it was, then you have experienced the frustration.

it's simple: frustration occurs when the achievement of the desired goal there are obstacles.

These barriers, leads one away from the target and gives no certainty, makes a person feel uncomfortable, to be in anxious condition. However, as soon as the desire is satisfied fully, the frustration instantly disappear. Now we will examine the mechanism of action of frustration on the most General, simple example, and later on emotionally charged the example.

Example 1

Imagine that you had Breakfast at 9 am. At work lunch time starts at 13:00. You can safely expect it and work without distraction. Come dinner time. Then it turns out the dining room does not work. A also no food. This is the obstacle to the satisfaction of the need. You go to a city already feeling the hunger, and go to the cafe. It turns out that there is no space available. To eat will not succeed. Another barrier. The hunger grows. You have the idea of buying products at the grocery store. But you find that don't have cash, only a Bank card. Hunger rising, lunch at work ends, you have three barriers before reaching the desired. Inside can appear anxiety, aggression from which it is difficult to escape. This is the frustration! Imagine that suddenly you pass by a bistro and discover the place for yourself and a good lunch offer. As soon as you take a bite of the first piece, the voltage will drop and frustration will disappear. You might not even think about the anxiety I experienced. All the emotional state is harmonized in the moment.

Example 2
(attention! This example can cause a strong emotion)

Imagine that you are all difficult in their personal lives. Problems with a loved one. You doubt his honesty, I suspect that he was no longer so important you and your feelings. You decide to talk to him and texting asking to meet up. You know that you always answer and deliver. But an hour passes. Message read but no response. Why so? It is not so important to answer or he spends time with another person? The tension is growing. Ignorance is a barrier to achieving the goal to talk and figure out the relationship. It takes three hours and no answer. Anxiety is growing. It's hard to step back and think about something else, even though you are attempting. You are calling. Favorite says he's busy, but the evening will come to talk and discuss. What will become of the frustration? It will go away! But even before tonight, and he will not reply to SMS and to...

this is how frustration. Man always seeks to reduce it because it causes discomfort. With frustration and suppression interact successfully pprofessional psychologists and also know methods and exercises that will help you to be more resistant to frustration forces

Yuri bobovsky
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