What is Gestalt therapy and why it is needed?

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Gestalt therapy is one of the most popular trends in psychotherapy, both in Russia and abroad. She was born in the 40s and developed at present. Gestalt (it."Gestalt" - translated from German - a figure, image, integrity, identity (role) that “nothing” became “something”)- basic ideas and methods developed Gestalt Frederick Perls. The basic principles of gestalttherapie are current (work in the present "here and now"), the desire for cognitive development, and the development of the ability to take responsibility for their lives.

Gestalt therapy is a humanistic therapy, which is based on the belief that every person from birth is able and may be in such contact with other people, which brings satisfaction and fosters a creative and joyful life. Remember any baby. He has at least a means for communication, while it as social as possible. There is not the slightest hint of lies. They openly and trustingly with all your being misleading to others about your condition, feelings and emotions, and thus ask for and get what they need. But often in childhood or later, this skill is lost... And what happens is that the person gets "stuck" in some situations, or views about himself, which prevented him to move on. In the end, the man somehow "creatively adapted" to the existing living conditions and this adaptation "in childhood may have helped him "survive"". For example: be quiet, keep a low profile, not to Express their needs etc. But, as a rule, in adult life, children's behaviors do not work, and often does hinder us.

As the saying goes, "the main thing that the suit sat". As a result, "the suit sitting", and man is it uncomfortable. He's like crippled. And to improve the situation of the "suit" a need to increase awareness. Over the years, so get used to it, not chuvstvuesh and don't understand what's stopping you. And to understand yourself you can help of Gestalt therapy. You can start with awareness of your body, thoughts, feelings, and situations. The objective of Gestalt therapy is to explore and discover how the situation of the past and Your beliefs about yourself affect You in the present moment.

In Gestalt therapy it is possible to change at any time. For example, lots of things, which hinder You to do otherwise. But there is always the opportunity to start doing something new. If a person is in the process of therapy has been the awareness that a successful creative adaptation to the situation is "not working" and even prevents him as an adult, he can (if he wants) to change, and their habitual perception, and behavior, and live a new experience in the therapeutic environment created Gestalt therapist.

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