What is good and what is bad? (Bridge Change, Vol.5 from 30.04.2019)


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What is good and what is bad?

– Intriguing title. About what are going to discuss today?
– the Motto of the meeting – this is the beginning of a poem of Vladimir Mayakovsky:
“Little son came to his father,
– What is good
And what is bad?- ...»
I wanted to talk about how everyone can good turn into evil. Me, you, Tom, and every one of you listeners. We may think that this is impossible. The bridge between good and evil is very small.

– As they say, between love and hate one step?
– True. I want to talk about two classic experiments from social psychology. The texts show how people can show their inhuman face. Maybe even some listeners they know. The first experiment is called “Third wave”, and other "Stanford prison experiment”.

 Apparently, it goes about the violation of freedom and human rights. What will tell you the first?
– Yes. Let's go in chronological order. “the Third Volga”. The experiment was in 1967 at school in Palo Alto (San Francisco, USA). It is completely random. Professor of history, Ron Johnson, told high school students about the German people under national socialism. According to the plan, they are ahead of the program, and he suggested to his students a week-long experiment. In it, he step by step, we reproduced these conditions.

– It was humane for high school students?
– Nothing terrible and anti-human he did not commit. He invited them every day to set strict rules and to consider the following principles: the power of discipline, community, action, and pride. In fact, he through the game form reproduce relationship in the Third Reich. They had their previewsee hand, denunciations and so on. And in five days their class of 20 people turned into an organized group of 200 people. On the fifth day Jones stopped the experiment, explaining to students how easily they lend themselves to manipulation, and that their obedient behavior these days is not fundamentally different from actions of ordinary citizens of the Third Reich. 

 Sounds ominous. And what are the consequences of the experiment were?
– A lot of guys after a long time he could not speak about this experience, was ashamed of his behavior. They really believe that the attitude of the world organization and the real experiment. This is just exactly reminiscent of David Fincher's film based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk ‘Fight club”.

 the First rule – you do not talk about fight club...
– the Second rule: never talk about fight club and so on. True. And at the end we have a mass surrender of people who truly believe in what they do “welcome” in the name of higher goals.

 what was the second experiment you have prepared for our listeners.
– the Second experiment was already carried out by my renowned social psychologist Philip Zimbardo at the order of the naval forces at Stanford University. Incidentally, this occurred four after the first experiment described in year 1971 in the same Palo Alto (San Francisco, USA). The essence of the experiment was to investigate the cause of the violations that occurred in civil and military prisons. It took 12 volunteers, who were offered in two weeks to play the role of probation officers prison and its prisoners for a reward. The draw was completely random. It all started peacefully, but on the third day arose a situation of sadism and rebellion in both groups, and on the fifth day of the experiment went out of control and it was urgent to complete.

 As the first case, memorize scary and ominous. Were the victims?
– unfortunately, Yes. Some participants subsequently treated for nervous disorders and many after could not believe that they could “play” in their roles. They seem to have forgotten about his previous life. Both experiments show that if you create the conditions of a strict dictatorship and to create the conditions for voluntary participation, it can lead to destructive aggression in relations to each other. The bloody and vivid example – it's fascism.

 Scary page of our history. What it is possible to prevent such a situation?
– to be aware of the consequences and our history. These experiments – striking examples where you can see this microcosm and to learn more of his nature. This is the question on how I manipulated in relationships and what I do with my dark (aggressive) aspects of the personality. I can recommend to watch though already old, but still an impressive film by Mikhail Romm, “demons”.

 classics in Soviet cinematography. And finally, a life hack.
– Lifehack today is to work with their “weaknesses”, which you can manipulate. Think about the people who surround you every day. Make a list of these people and try to build them in a line on the principle of like-dislike. You get two poles. Next, answer the question, why are these like, and these not? Next, try to tell about these qualities from the first person. I – for example, selfish, and unable to betray... what speaks in me? And so every symptom. This exercise is to work with their polarities. Often those qualities that we ourselves do not see and recognise them in other people. Actually, for these strings it is possible to manipulate you.

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