Hello dear friends today we will talk about what is intrapersonal conflict and get rid of this confusion will clear and you will have it all sorted out)).

the Need for this review has to do with the fact that some of my colleagues argue that it is not necessary to disassemble intrapersonal conflict, with a psychotherapy client, and I may say so without it, some additional methods and techniques of psychotherapy aimed at personality change.

So my dear, I believe that if this intrapersonal conflict is not disassembled, the serious changes of personality, we can not speak.

And if some colleagues adhere to this position, it means that they don't quite understand what neurosis in the classical and scientific understanding.

let me Remind you, as determined by B. D. Karvasarsky - neurosis is a psychogenic, conflict, mental disorder associated with chronic psycho-emotional stress.

I am not going to go into detail these psychotherapeutic insinuations. But, if you do not work intrapersonal conflict, as in psychotherapy, and in correctional work, then you will not only waste your time, but also money and time of his client.

Because the solution to intrapersonal conflict, I believe, is the Foundation, or basis, of the effectiveness of psychotherapy.

in summary there are three of them:

  • intrapersonal
  • hysterical
  • neurasthenic

I am Not going to tell, and delve into them in detail, but I will say the idea.

  • What hysterical intrapersonal conflict, a person having a claim to the world, "I want to, but I don't give." Its essence lies in inflated claims to the world "the World owes me", "People owe me" etc. All seen crying and hysterics for children who have not bought any toy, that's the essence of this conflict. In adults it manifests itself in the same way. "Want a perfect family," "I Want a mink coat", "I Want a Bentley Continental GT and all, Want a salary of two hundred thousand and do nothing" etc.
  • With psychasthenic intrapersonal conflict, man appears to be a conflict, say, between desire and her duty.For example, the husband begins to feel that he was very much like a friend of his wife, but he must be faithful to his wife and in this regard, is experiencing severe emotional stress, which he cannot allow. Until it turns into a obsessive form. In short, the ambivalence between desire and morality.
  • intrapersonal Neurotic conflict. This type of conflict is associated with the capacity of man and any duties, in this regard. For example, a man worked a paying job, everything was stable, and he decides to take out a mortgage, whether it is not right). But a year later, in his campaign, comes the other team, headed by a leader who miserably dismiss older employees. A man understands that a job with a salary find it very difficult and now it needs to work roughly two times more for less pay. And while, as long as he has strength, and energy it is ongoing, and then he as his exhaustion begins to thump and go into depression. Those essentially a neurosis, if you just expressed – is not a productive resolution of life difficulties and problems, something like that.

And what you have intrapersonal conflict, share)?

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