Seeing and hearing the concerns of my clients when they first meet, and not so long ago having such fears, I want to tell you what will happen at the consultation for the first time. So:
1. We will get acquainted.
2. I'll tell you about how the process will occur.
3. You will tell me what's on your mind and I will listen to your story carefully and ask clarifying and probing questions. This will help me and you to create clearer and more logically designed understanding of the situation. Very often at this stage there may be new awareness.
4. If you do not have a clear request, I will help you to form.
5. I will support you if you need it.
6. In the end, I will outline for you how I see your story that you could pay attention to and what areas of collaboration seem to me possible. We'll discuss it. br>
What will not at the first consultation:
1. I'm not going to give you tips on how to act; evaluate or criticize your actions and thoughts.
2. I will not look for flaws in you and immediately corrected. I do not like in the framework of psychological counseling, the word "correction" because it sounds a bit scary, in my opinion. This is how to cut the shape with scissors exactly along the contour. I like to guide you in the process of finding that real and unique content that is in each.
3. I don't use hypnosis, suggestion, and other similar methods.
4. I'm not going to try to get into your children's resentment and find the root of all evil.
5. I won't touch your painful moments or conflicting relations, if you are now not ready to talk about them. br>
I'm not going to do all of this in the future. br>
As I said recently to my client, she walked up to me and waited, and when the "start sheet", when I start to hurt her and try to "turn it inside out". And I understand why this opinion is the place to be, but now it's not about that. Of course, in the process of counselling is meeting with hurt, anger, tears, resentment, even as it happens! But this happens for your willingness and desire. The violence in this process I do not accept, although in some moments I can be a little more insistent. br>
In the end, it tells the client, she came out after each consultation and wondered why she talked so much that this is happening and wondered how it all works. And then at one point, tracked their reactions, and realized that anxiety has decreased and confidence grows (and it was her initial request), and it actually works. During our dialogue, presenting me all of this, she clasped her hands and said with a smile: "why didn't I come sooner!". br>
I Want to draw a line that the research process itself is very fascinating, curious and full of growth points. Come and experience it yourself. ( all comments of the client with its consent )

Olga Khrustaleva
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